An important parameter that binds the human beings…It’s one of the important parameter that a human can’t control…One of the great definition for time was given by einstein when he solved relativity..He said “Time will be felt for hours when you keep your hands in fire even just for minutes and time will be felt for ¬†minutes if you are talking to a beautiful girl even for hours…It’s also a phenomena that the humans can’t fully understand..Time plays an important role in the growth of our lives..It changes our path from goodness to greatness…When life gives us hard times people around us say it will be all good as time moves…They also say this after a breakup..I always wondered about time because it can give you happiness and sadness in just a blink of an eye…My fair share with time happened during the year 2010…The year began normally where everything around me was going great…Relationship was going well….Then came the month of may where my relationship was ended and my beloved aunt died…Not recovered from both the tragedies,time showed even a great man can also be struck down…My grandfather,a man who survived cancer and stroke died in a simple manner…Three strikes and no time to recover…That’s when i learned that nothing lasts permanently both good or bad….It’s not because someone decided to punish me for the things i did it’s just because of the course of nature..


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