In general,it’s a word used to describe the uniqueness among all humans but it has a negative shade which distinguish two human beings as poor and rich…It creates a diversity among the human race which leads to the destruction of world peace….But my perspective about wealth is,it doesn’t explain only about the money accumulated but also the character that developed along with the wealth..It reveals the true nature of any human being…The true wealth that exists among people is kindness..Some people don’t want other people’s money all they want is kindness..If people who have great wealth just show some kindness to those who are in need there wont be a term called “POVERTY” in existence…My vision of a new world is to eliminate poverty and pave a path to world peace and to use our resources for greater goods…..Everyone would have heard this from everyone but there is a difference between dreams and visions…As i explained this is not my dream it’s my vision so my goal will be achieved in the foreseeable future……


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