A person’s truthfulness to his character can be judged by many things and one of the main things is patriotism…It’s one of the few things that unites the people across the country any where in the world…Opinions and views differ from one human to another but when it comes to the nation it will be unanimous…My love towards the nation began when i first learned about it’s struggle….Though it has achieved great things,a nation’s development over a period of time is not about it’s success but how it prevailed during it’s failure….Out of all the nations in the world my country has many cultures,many languages and different types of people…When i first learned about my country i had goosebumps…The narration of everything that happened to my country was explained by my grandfather,he paved a path called patriotism in my life where i will walk till the end of my days..Tomorrow is an important day in my country where we are celebrating our 66th republic day…Unity in diversity is a term apt for our nation…Tomorrow everyone around the world will be amazed to witness an event where the term will be proven…..To the people who crafted this country and the soldiers who sacrifices their lives to protect us i salute you and i bow to you….Jai Hind………….


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