Everyone around the world faces a difficulty to make a decision in their lifetime…That difficulty is called as obstacles..These obstacles can be life altering in a good way or in a bad way…Many heroes are forged when life throws obstacles in their way…Obstacles doesn’t create failure,our willingness to overcome the obstacle does..Obstacles can disturb our mental attitude but if we take it on with optimism then we can overcome it…My fair share of encounter with obstacles was during my adolescence…Life is like a race and obstacles are hurdles life may slow you down but it’s up to you whether to stop running or keep going….When an important person in your life passes away you may have hit a hurdle but don’t stop slow down but never stop running…Obstacles can only be overcome when you manage to cope up with life and whatever it throws at you…Trust me,i know that it will be hard but don’t slow down just keep running as you move forward in life you can hover up the obstacles that is present in your path…If life makes you stop running just imagine the finish line and the people who love you cheering..The true success in life is when you cross the finish line…Then your life’s journey will be complete….


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