F.R.I.E.N.D.S-The Trendsetter…

“I’ll be there for you…” started the song for introducing the six people who sat on an orange couch talking about their lives and wondering about their future, cracking jokes and above all as the song suggests being there for one another during tough times. The greatness that the show achieved would have been talked by many bloggers, critics and fans. So what’s new about the show which is on the way to reach its 23rd birthday?

It is the first show I watched and at that time I was clueless about my future (still am) just like Rachel when she walked into the coffee shop in the episode ‘It all began’. As the episodes progressed and the seasons progressed they taught me how to be a good companion, a better person and a best friend. Each one of their character had their unique style of acting with their own punch lines, story arcs, flashbacks (Monica’s fat suit, Rachel’s nose etc.) and individual’s success like Ross’s tenure or Joey’s acting career. These six people showed the true meaning to the word ‘Friends’.

“I’m not good at the advice can I interest in you in a sarcastic comment?” and “How you doing?” are some of the many quotes that has been popularized with people over the two decades. Ross’s famous words of “we were on a break” make people laugh when watching it for the 10th time. As I write about this I burst into laughter thinking about those quotes and the moments in the show….That’s what FRIENDS is all about, making people laugh and also showing them what reality is all about at the same time.

The success of the show that I talk about will be accepted by 60 million people and the number increases daily because of the never ending reruns of the show. Even with all the success it faces, there are people who don’t like the show. To them I just say you’re a moron. The only people who don’t enjoy the show are the ones who don’t know the language or just too retarded to understand what they are saying. The reason I’m urging you to watch the show is the way they make you feel when you watch it. To me I felt like I was the seventh character in the show. This show, cast, writers and directors have brought many people from depression and anxiety by just being there for them..

“We’re like very delicate China right now and we’re speeding toward a brick wall.” said Jennifer Aniston well known as Rachel when shooting the finale of the series. That much of love, caring and understanding was present between the actors.. The show is hailed to be the one of the best sitcoms of all time having won Two Emmy, six people choice awards and a lot more. The show had a constant 30 million viewership and the finale had more than 52 million. The show even had a spin off called JOEY.

The success of FRIENDS is not measured in awards and views but the impact it had on the western culture. The hairstyle that was so loved and copied by many, the awesome catchphrases,laughter but it also created a lot of fan theories(Ross loss custody of Ben,They were all in a mental asylum,phoebe was the actual genius etc). It is one of the shows that people won’t forget and whatever happens in the future or happened in the past just know that these six are there for you…


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