CASTLE-The Dream Team

They came as a replacement show in the year 2009 and captured the limelight and hearts of many people. They are called as the ‘Dream Team’ because of the chemistry between the actors and writers which was executed perfectly in each episode. They might have been now obsolete but their way of storytelling is still a dream for many other shows. Eight seasons doesn’t seem that long for a series but what made CASTLE so special and different from other shows was its genre.

The challenge for the writers was to write something different in terms of the cases they had to solve and the challenges they face along the way. They breezed through that difficulty with a rich backstory for Beckett and a great character for Castle. The actor Nathan Fillion plays the part with a witty sense of humor and charm that he completely owned the character. The characters like Ryan and Esposito helped the main characters with the case and also have their own story arcs.

The show not only showed how to solve a crime and look good doing it but also showed what a relationship a father and daughter should have-Yes, Castle’s daughter Alexis the most intelligent character, being much cooler than her old man showering wisdom and helping him solve some cases and growing up with us along the way was fun to watch. The show also introduced us to a great character named Martha, the unconventional yet a protective mother who possesses the diva nature and character that she shows us throughout the eight seasons.

What can you expect from this show? Well, everything! Laughter at the right moments, great love story and solving of various kinds of murders along the way. They showed how to create a rich backstory for the main characters, whether it was Kate’s mother or Castle’s father and a lot of other creepy psychopaths they catch. The calm and non violent way to show the dead bodies makes it a kid friendly show which cannot be said by many other shows.

3XK. Wow! What a character he was, well not as a killer psychopath but a challenging intellectual who turned into a murderer because of what his mother did to him in his childhood. The story arc was gripping throughout the season, creating an enduring rivalry between Castle and him and also creating a tension between him and Kate..


Other characters such as Senator Bracken who was the reason for Kate’s mother’s murder was such a power driven character. The reason I gave the spoiler alert is for the people who don’t know what Castle is about. Please go and check the characters development from scratch into one of the most powerful villains of the show.
Apart from the murders and powerful villains, the show gave us one of the most beautiful romantic stories. They just didn’t stuff our wishes of getting them together in a few episodes which most of the shows would have done but instead gave us a few seasons of tension between them(Good old sexual tension)and when it blew, it opened the door to one of the greatest chemistry in the show business after Rachel and Ross.

Finally what I am trying to say is watch the show. This is the show which will suit both type of audience-those who like to binge watch and others who takes break in between(I personally binge watch, I finished ten season of friends in two weeks :P).
So give the show a shot and I bet you won’t be disappointed.


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