HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER-The Screenplay Sorcerers

They have been called the plagiarized version of Friends, but they showed the world how important screenplay is in a sitcom.Telling the story from future about how he met his wife to his kids with Ted as the lead of the show annoying his kids(as everyone gets when their parents or relatives starts to say a story).
So,what’s great about the show which was a medium in which the writers Cater Bays and Craig Thomas could tell their story to people(yes it’s a true story as barney would say)….Wait wait wait!!!I called them screenplay sorcerers and but didn’t tell how great they are in their style of storytelling…So let’s start about how great they are,shall we?

The year is 2017.

3 years after the show has ended and yet the impact it made on the people is still felt.Barney Stinson,the character who made people laugh episode after episode and gave them awesome quotes and not only taught Ted but everyone how to live life.His books called the ‘playbook’ and ‘bro code’ are some of the awesome books that helped people get women(not that I have tried and succeeded)and made me be a good bro.
The year is 2005.

The year when The Greatest Sitcom had ended.TV was dying.No good sitcom was running, but it all changed when the show called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ aired. They took the television by storm with their own style of storytelling and having episodes with emotional twists,great love stories and laughter all 20 minutes of the episode run time.

The show ran for 9 years with a great story line(well as the title suggests it’s just a simple one, How I Met Your Mother).But what made it great was the screenplay taking a normal story and making it into something great. The characters were awesome and realistic.Characters like Robin and Lily showing the two poles of life; one settles down for love and the other going miles for success in career.Barney again one of the powerful characters in the show having lot of catchphrase(I mean a lot, like “When i’m sick i stop being sick and be awesome instead” and “It’s legend-wait for it-dary” and “Challenge accepted”). He made the difference between HIMYM and all the other shows of that time and even today, he is the difference.

The show even though was about making people laugh,it was about how the main guy found the love of his life.The show took the people through an emotional ride of happiness,sadness,anger and jealousy.For a 20 minute run time, they played a great twist on these emotions and made people follow the show for 9 years.
“Movies are great form of entertainment but it was only for 2 hours where the shows are for 9 to 10 years where people grow up along with their favorite character”said Jason Segal(Marshal Eriksen) and right he was,i did grow up with HIMYM and it was a great 9 years of my life.

What to expect in this awesome show? Awesome story, great screenplay, good musical numbers and the five exemplary actors showing what it is all about. Not only that, but the show also pulled off a great friendship triangle between Ted, Marshal and Lily which is one of the toughest things to pull off because the latter two are married and the first is single.

Episodes like where they show barney having a perfect week (oh it’s just an episode where he gets lucky with ladies seven days in a row with zero rejects).Does that sound creepy? Well,maybe,but that’s the great thing about the show where they make these sorts of episodes watchable for everyone. That’s just one episode of the 208 episodes.

The finale. The gem of an episode where they finished the show on a high note,well almost nearly. The last 3 minutes became so controversial with fans splitting into two sides and critics having a field day. But to me, it was a bold move and I loved it.They simply showed the reality of life where sometimes soulmates are not the right answer, but the person who you truly love is ‘the one’ for you.
What I’m trying to say is watch the show. Just watch it. Forget the critics. Forget the haters, just watch the show and you won’t be disappointed. Watch the show and you might learn a thing or two on how to pick up girls(again,i have not tried them),you will learn about the battle between love and career,Brotherhood and above all the title of how he met the mother of his kids.


2 thoughts on “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER-The Screenplay Sorcerers

  1. great article dude! It would really be cool if you could recommend your favourite episodes of the series which can be watched independantly , at the end of your articles.
    Especially for sitcoms


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