DEXTER-The Sensible Serial Killer

The most darkest character in the television history leading a double life as a forensic expert in the morning and as the title says a serial killer at night.You might ask why it says a sensible serial killer?It’s because he kills people who deserves it.Well you might say whats the difference between 1000 other actors who have portrayed the same type of role in movies and television?There is one big difference and his name is Michael C. Hall the actor who took the toughest job and made it so simple.The show and this article is not for people under 18 and with weak hearts because it’s a dark one with a lot of blood.

Why it is a tough job?Well as i said the show is about a serial killer who masks his identity by being a forensic expert hiding in plain sight and helping the police catch the bad guys(he is not one because he is a sensible serial killer).That and again the amount of blood they use in the show,well there’s a lot of blood,a lot of blood.Each serial killer has their own signature move after they kill their victim(wow i sounded cold in that sentence) and Dexter has a move where he cuts the face of the victim and collects the blood and save it as a trophy and also he narrates how he sees the world and explains it from his point of view.

The show was a direct derivation from a series of novel in the same name but the difficulty was to pull off the success of the novels in the show business and did they do it?Well yes it was because of the cast having serious and fun characters just to lighten the air when it gets dark and a good plot with lot of twists.Not only that the show follow a series based stories,each season covers a story and each season consists of 12 episodes so binge watchers(like myself) will love the show and each season will not disappoint you because of the rich content.

The show begins with explaining who Dexter is and what he does for a living.They also shows the family he will have through out the series,Debra Morgan a beautiful character where they show the transformation from a vice to a homicide detective and to a great pi(private investigator).There are some spoilers,well a lot with this character but i’m not going to reveal them because i want you all to find it out for yourselves.They also show Dexter desperately trying to be normal by having a girlfriend who is a single mom with two kids and as the season progresses they get married and have a kid(I felt bad for that kid though).

Harry Morgan,dad of Debra and a detective who persuaded the child services to let Dexter into his foster care(oh its because Dexter as a kid would get stuck in a container where his mother would be murdered in front of him and he would be found in a lot of blood).That’s the reason he turned into a serial killer and when Harry finds out about his son’s ‘Need to Kill’ feeling he helps him by creating what is called “The Code of Harry”.This code was created to control the urge of Dexter to kill everyone into killing those who deserve it(I don’t know what to tell about his parenting,nothing whatsoever).

The show was a huge success winning 19 various awards like emmys,golden globe etc.The show also was a critically acclaimed show and the show ended with a realistic climax.What to except from this show?Well a lot of killing and as i said before,if you’re not comfortable watching these sorts of show then don’t watch it.But this show offers some great story,screenplay,acting and above all the point of view of a serial killer.A show worthy of binge watching which can’t be said for many other shows..


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