GREY’S ANATOMY-The Emotional Orchestra

Shonda Rhimes the women who showed people what feminism is all about,her success was not an easy one as she had her idea for a show being rejected by the network many times but as an optimistic women and with her high intellect,she wrote a pilot which had a 16 million viewership,the show which is the face of drama in television for 13 years and still going strong,Also having won many awards and having the best fan base in the entire show business.The show as you would have guessed is called ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

The series began with five people who walked into a room that would change their course of life and it started with them being surgical interns and how they grew into great doctors(oh the show is a medical drama).It is a critically acclaimed show for its specialty in playing an orchestra in people’s emotion and being really good at it.

There are lot of other shows that explains the perspective of the bad guy or the perspective of the good guy saving the day but this show is different in its core.They tell the story in terms of emotions caused by others to the main characters and how would they react to those actions caused by others.
Emotions,a powerful word.Basically humans have four emotions which they display when something significant happens to them or to someone around them.These emotions leaves a lasting effect on them.I can personally vouch for them as can you with the things that has happened to you.So it may look simple or feel simple but this show makes it a point to prove how emotions are important and how different people handle them differently.

Another reason why i admire Shonda Rhimes is not because she created two amazing shows in the 21st century or the two great shows she has produced.It’s because she has created a strong female character as a lead in every show she has ever created.Yes Ellen Pompeo,Kerry Washington,Viola Davis and Alice Vaughan are the leading ladies of their respective shows proving the world how a strong women character should be in the show business.

Grey’s Anatomy was a replacement show aired in 2005(Replacement shows do the great is a fact)with a strong pilot showing the various characters that the people will fall in love with and showing people what it is to be in the profession of medicine and it showed the struggle that the new surgical interns face both with personal and professional issues.

Season 2 and 3 really turns the emotions up a notch and it shows how the interns have matured with their lives.As the seasons progress the life of the interns develop into better doctors.There are episodes where the main character gets into a flight accident,a hostage situation,natural calamities and many others.What’s great about them?Well that’s when the dance with the devil begins,emotions of each and every individual will be tested on account of what has happened to them and others around them.Christina Yang,a character which was created to show how a person termed to be a robot can also express their emotion in their own way.Her character was one of the best written character in the modern era.The show also proves the simple facts of life like how loneliest people care the most,the damaged people are the wisest and that saddest people smile the brightest”.

When i started to watch the show i was not emotionally strong and i didn’t know how to control my emotions and i’m not saying i have grown up to have a high emotional quotient but i have learned so much on how to control my emotions and if i don’t what would happen because of it.That’s what you would get if you decide to watch the show.Great story,screenplay and as i said the lesson on how to handle your emotions.


“It’s a good day to save lives” said Derek Shepard an awesome character the lovable neurosurgeon who would say it whenever he walks into the OR(Operating Room) and he would save people’s life.But the spoiler is how he was killed off in the show(I was fucking angry about that decision and still am).There are lot of spoilers in this show,i mean a lot,a lot and i don’t want to reveal them.These spoilers are for you to find out on you’re own because they are a life experience which will make you strong in life.

Watch the show and you won’t be disappointed.This is one of the few shows that makes people emotionally attached to the show and teaches them what life really is about.One of my favorite quotes of the show is”It’s not the fairy tales that always come true but the nightmares which always becomes the reality”.The quote that summarize the entire show and also my life.


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