FRINGE-The Multidimensional Marvel

“There are lots of universes that are parallel to our own universe with minor variations” said a scholar whose name I have forgotten. From the title and the quote you guys might have guessed that the show centers on the concept of parallel universe and the theory of multiverse. Well it’s just one of the many scientific marvels that are present in this show. I’m not gonna say they are a sci-fi show (Well they are!!) And ruin the rest of the article for you because even though the show presents us with some crazy sci-fi stuff it also provides people with some basic knowledge about science.

I have seen a lot of sci-fi movies, TV shows blah blah blah the voice of many people reading this blog but let me tell you this show is the real deal. No amount of sci-fi created apart from this will ever equal the marvel that is this show. The show has two scientists (Mad scientists!!) who worked on studying the effects and changes in the parallel universe. The scientists names are Walter Bishop and William Bell who found out that the people of the parallel universe are far more advanced then this universe. This situation forced them to do something unspeakable and inhumane. They justified this by saying they were just creating a shield to protect the people of this universe and the unspeakable thing was the scientific experiments they conducted on young kids(Now I know you stop reading, but don’t) Their experiments may seem barbaric but it created some strong individuals having unique super powers and one of the kid from this group of talented individuals turned out to be a savior for not one but two universes.

That kid’s name was Olivia Dunham and she joined the FBI having no memory of the experiments conducted on her because the scientists didn’t want to her to discover the cruelty they caused to her and therefore her memory was suppressed .Why? Well I’m getting ahead of myself. The reason will be explained later in the article.
Well what would be the appropriate reaction given by the society when they discover an individuals intellect? We’ll definitely throw that person in the mental asylum of course. Remember the mad scientists that I mentioned, well one of them will be in the mental asylum for experimenting on kids and that’s not the only thing he would have done. What! I know, calm down people…He turns into a good father, a better person and the best scientist by saving many lives and serving for the good of this universe. So as the series go on you will forget all about how much of a bad guy he was before this all began.

What actually began?

You have to see the pilot of the show to know the answer and that pilot would be a good beginning of your journey into the world of crazy science fiction and also the pilot was awarded for its intricacy in explaining what to expect for the next 5 seasons of the show.

You might ask who is the son of this mad scientist?.Well his name his Peter Bishop and he is the main lead of the show.In the beginning of the show he would hate his dad because he would not be there for him (He was busy experimenting on kids, not on his own kid though)but the show would progress along and also the relationship between him and his father.I know you guys would have stopped reading the article when I told people would have superpowers in the show and starting to imagine what they were. Well fine, I will tell you guys about the power of Olivia Dunham(Leading lady).Telekinesis, the ability to control people and object around her with just her mind(Wow I would like to have that power).That power would be given by a drug developed by the mad scientists called as ‘Cortexiphan’.Remember when I said they had to repress her memory about her powers? It was because the drug would only activate when one of her emotions is activated, like it would activate if you’re too happy or depressed. Well for Olivia it would only activate with fear given by her stepdad (Wow suddenly I don’t want this superpower).

We have all seen an alien invasion in movies and in some shows but in this one it’s a bit different.It’s an invasion but not by aliens. Yes the future of the human race would discover a chip which when inserted in the backside of their brain it would make them cross from one dimension to another dimension (Hence the title, wow I’m clever!!).Anyways these people don’t have the constraints of time and they can travel to the past or the future in any universe at any instant (Well that sounds cool) but they have to give up their emotions(oh not so cool)and they would choose our universe to conquer(That doesn’t sound very clever does it).They are called as ‘The Observers’. The reason why I talked about them is because they are one of the most well written villains with a great story arcs in the show business and the plot changes they bring to the show are so shocking but marvelous.

This show is all about sci-fi and they do a damn good job of keeping it that way. The toughest thing in any of the shows is to have an individual story line for every episode and also to have a story arc connecting everything and making sense at the end and this show gives us both. It’s a true multidimensional marvel.

This show is not just about the observers though(Take a deep breath).It’s about Teleportation, Psychokinesis, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Precognition, Dark matter, Parallel Universe, Multi dimensions, Hive Mind, ESP,Neuroscience, Pyrokinesis, Cryonics, Transmogrification, Shape shifters etc…..(Phew!!!) Well I didn’t know about any of the above mentioned words but now I just know a little bit about them thanks to this show. That’s what you would get from watching this show, entertainment with education.


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