PERSON OF INTEREST-You Are Being Watched

You are being watched.Wait don’t get stressed people after hearing that sentence and don’t get paranoid.Don’t look around or keep your lights turned on through out the night.I was just talking about the show which centers mainly around the concept of artificial intelligence that was created to monitor every conversation,read every messages in the multimedia and also to know about peoples browser history.Wait you should be paranoid and mainly delete your browser history(As should i,just a moment).Okay since that’s out of the way let’s get into the world of an artificial intelligence that was created to find bad guys from the general public and how two people used it to stop crime.Yes you heard me right to stop crimes.

Do you believe in second chances?You know when you face failure in your life and the chance you get after that failure which gives you purpose to live again.Yes that’s what the lead of this show gets from the guy who build the machine which can spy on everyone.Yes you heard me right the guy who build the machine.So what’s the purpose of the machine?It was build to spy on people all around america to differentiate between the common people and terrorists but the machine saw everything and the machine would be given to the government but the lead character would leave a back door into it and that door would lead him to the social security number of the person who might be a victim or the these two guys team up to stop crime before it happens and the guys names are Reese and Finch.One’s the brain and the other is the muscle.

I have seen this sort show before,nothing new(The mind voice of many people reading this article).Well this is not a normal show.This is an unique piece of art in the televisions history and it will withstand the test of time.What? Yeah this show is one for the history books and for future bloggers to uncover and reruns to make it success through out time.So who created this marvel?I will give you a hint and the answer would be revealed at the end of this article.

HINT:He is a successful writer who has written some top notch Hollywood films and his brother is a world class director.

This show has a great screenplay and a wonderful story plot that carried the show for five years.I have stressed this in my other articles regarding other shows and i’m saying it again.It is very hard to write a series with a grand story arc that will be make sense at the end but to get to that point each and every episode would have a different story plot connecting to the main one.This show also excels in that because of the great writer i told you about.Did you guys figure out who he is?
The intellect of the writer can also be sensed when he takes a character who was introduced as a villain and creating hatred for that character within the audience and changing it all in the end and making that character into one of the main roles and really important is a tough thing to pull off well not for this writer.This character’s code name is ‘ROOT’.Just look out for her when you see the show.
It might seem like i’m forcing you guys to see the show.well it’s because i’m trying to make you watch the show.Just leave whatever that is unimportant(Not this article!!) and watch the pilot and you will know what i’m talking about.
This show does not stop with the two main heroes and root.This show has so many characters both good and bad.Elias one among the many characters who comes into the show as a crime lord hellbent on taking over the city and does it in his own style.Yes i admire him.What?Your standards are pretty low.Calm down people after you see the show and see his story arc you will agree with me.

“If-Then-Else” the content of the episode is what as the title says.Just a simulation done by the machine to calculate the best outcome for the protagonists.This episode is the one guys.This is the one.It has everything that you would ever wish in a TV show.That one episode is a million times better from every other show in any genre.Sorry that was a fan boy moment for me and therefore my views were biased but again watch the episode and you would know what i mean when i say it is the best episode in show business.

Well i know you guys would be intrigued and convinced enough to give this show a shot but i’m just going to talk about something that would just seal the deal.Are you ready?Well what would be considered the best way to take on an artificial intelligence?Well another artificial intelligence of course.What?wait wait wait wait!!!!!!!!Two artificial intelligence fighting with each other for being the superpower is the plot of the show.Well yes and the icing on the cake is that the antagonist intelligent system will have no constraints unlike the machine created by the hero.What happens in the end?Watch the show and find it out and one other thing this show as lot of twists just when you think this is how the show would end it will change in an instant and would make you come back for more.If you are not a binge watcher this show would be a good place to start.

Many creators,writers and directors in the show business forgets one main thing.Music,the most important thing which elevates the standard of any episode and also pulls the audience concentration and sometimes it may tell an entire story on its own.You still don’t get the picture do you?Fine imagine one your favorite scene from a film or a show and just imagine it,i will wait.Alright how was the outcome?Terrible right!Yes without music everything sucks.Music would give the freedom to the creators to tell what they are trying to tell.Romance,thriller,anger,fear etc are only some of the emotions that music influences in people.Enough about the damn music is what is all in people’s mind right now(I will stop talking about music) but when you guys see the show you will know the importance of music.

Carter and Fusco two detectives in the homicide division who helps the two heroes on their quest to stop crime.Well that made them sound like vigilantes didn’t it?Yes it did because they would be hailed by the people as ‘The guy in the suit’ and the ‘The guy in glasses’ and yes i know they are not particularly a great name for superheroes but they are not the heroes that people deserved but the heroes people needed(Come on i know that you people should know whose the writer from the above reference i gave)No well anyways i know you people are very excited to know the name well if not then better get excited because the name is Jonathan Nolan.
Yes,the guy who wrote this marvel is Nolan.I told you people that it would be an exciting reveal.So what to expect from this show?Everything that you would want is there in this show great plot,good twists,awesome characters,beautiful music and above all the best ending.Watch the show and you would be entertained every minute through out the five seasons.


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