TWO AND A HALF MEN-The Brotherhood

Every individual in the world as a talent which makes them unique and successful.The cliche line everyone just uses to give others a false hope.Why that line was relevant?Well this show is a good example why it’s just not that way.Two characters,brothers by birth but are two different sides to the same coin.One is cooler and the other is well he is just dull.One of them is a prime example for the don’t care attitude and the other is the example of boring.
Wow it seems like i only one of the brothers?Well no,i love both of them its just the dynamic of the show.Let’s see how this two brothers ruled television for 8 years shall we?It all begins with the boring brother getting kicked out from his house by his wife for being well boring.He turns to his brother for help and thus begins the world of entertainment.
Whose the kid in the background?Well he is the reason the show titled two and a half men.Two brothers and the kid.The writers got it perfect with the title.The punch lines,laughter and everything to be expected from a sitcom is present with the combination of these three on the screen.
It would not be that fun to have a show without a sarcastic character who pretty much runs the house in which these three live both metaphorically and literally.She is just an amalgamation of witty quotes,wise comments and sarcasm.When you watch the show just enjoy her presence.
The brothers have a lot in difference in between them but one thing that unites them is a person who they hate with a passion.That person was their mother.She is a perfect example of how a mother should never treat her kids.Her actions lead to the change in her kids character.This made one of the kid a drunken womaniser and the other a loser.
What to expect from this sitcom?Well some dirty joke,actually a lot of dirty jokes and a laid back story.This is a kind of show to watch after a tough day at work or when you are bored.This show has a good screenplay and some great jokes and has some awesome moments of fun.
The show is kind of divided into two parts.One which runs for eight seasons with the actor Charlie Sheen as the lead and the next part runs for four seasons with Ashton Kutcher. Is that a good change?Well i don’t want to comment about that.This is not a show which is made for binge watching.This is a show which is made to watch when you are bored.
This show was written by the same person who also created the big bang theory.That’s the best example for being a polar opposite.Watch the two shows to understand the brilliance of the writer.Watch the show for some good laughs,awesome moments and above all learn how to be cool and awesome from Charlie Sheen.


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