HOMELAND-Prisoners Of War

The title is a homage to the book which the creators derived to create this great show.The show begins with a C.I.A operative finding out that an american prisoner of war has been turned and thus begins her quest to finding out who the prisoner is and how to stop him.The name of the agent is Carrie Mathison who has bipolar disorder.Why is that detail important?I will tell you about that in the end of the article.
Did you guys know that the C.I.A cannot operate inside the united states?Yes their operatives can be imprisoned for many years.How did i know this?Well i learned about it from this show and also from many other shows.That’s just one of the many challenges that Carrie Mathison will face in her investigation to find the prisoner who has been converted to a terrorist.
Imagine you join the defense services to serve your country and during one of your missions you get captured by the enemy(It’s sad but do imagine the scenario).What will happen to your family and how will they take the news?This is what happens to the lead of the show Nicholas Brody a marine who will be captured by a terrorist organization and he is a family man with two kids and he would be tortured for years.He had a strong mental attitude which kept him from turning into a traitor.So what changed?You have to watch the show to find it out.
This show has a story for every season like Dexter and each season has 12 episodes.So binge watch it because each and every episode will provide a twist that will urge you to watch the next episode anyways and so instead of watching it with suspense you can just watch the whole thing in a stretch and you won’t be disappointed.
The series has been around for 6 years and has gathered a lot of fans worldwide and also has won a lot of awards including prime time emmy award for best drama and also golden globe awards.The success of a show can be calculated on how far the show will be signed for by the network with the support of fans and this show has been signed for two more seasons even before the sixth season.
This show reveals the reality behind the life of a soldier.Would the family forget about their loved ones so easily or would they move on without waiting.In this show the wife of the lead hero would give a big speech about how to wait for your loved one but will move on herself(A fu***** hypocrite)and this would create some awkward conversations when her husband comes home.The show will also explain how tough it would be for the kids to bond with their dad who they thought was dead for years and have grown up without his guidance.
This show also has some dark content like torture,killing,drone attacks etc.So if you don’t have a strong heart or have issues with these content don’t watch the show but you will be missing out on something great.
Why is the medical condition of the lead so important?Well you know what bipolar disorder is right,a disease which gives uncontrollable mood swings from depression to anger from a low to high level and without any overview or medicine the patient will have a really tough time coping up with reality.So as you might have guessed the bad guys would have an easy time just stealing the pills of the lead and make her insane so they could discredit her work but she would not give up that easily.Even with all the challenges she would face in her investigation she would always come on top of things.
So what to expect from this show?The reality about the life of a soldier and the hard things that the person go through for their country and how the terrorist organization works to make people believe in their agenda and the dark things they do regarding that and also how the C.I.A operates to save america(Most of the time).This show is titled aptly for it’s content and it also gave many people(Including me)a whole new perspective on the life of a soldier.I respect each and every soldier around the world and also i respect the people who wants to serve their country by any means and it’s all thanks to this show.So watch this show for some incredible story with a good screenplay and two wonderful actors who executed their parts perfectly.


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