DOCTOR WHO-The Terrific Time Lord(Part 1)

The year was 1963 and the English television aired the first episode of a show which will change the course of television history for the next 54 years.Yes this show celebrated it’s 50 years anniversary in 2013 and still going strong.This is mainly because of the fans of the show(I’m one of them).They are called as the ‘Whovians’ and with their support the show will even celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary and i’m personally waiting for that day to arrive.
So what’s the reason for it’s success you might wonder?Well it was because of the different writers and also the different actors who played the role of the doctor.Wait is there more than one actor playing the role of the doctor?Yes as you could see from the photo uploaded there are totally 12 actors who have portrayed the role of the doctor.The best comparison for the show would be the James bond franchise which also has been around for more then 50 years and many actors have portrayed the role.
How did i discover about this show?Well one day my friend said that this show was overrated and therefore i wanted to check out the show for myself and i have never looked back.This show is for people to watch it with their families.Watch this show and become a whovian yourself and you will feel really proud to have join the fandom(As i did).
Why they change the actors every 3 or 4 seasons?Well they decided to change it up in terms of the character,story etc to keep the show fresh and interesting for the fans and also to make the show live for many years and this idea has worked wonders.
What’s the story?Well the doctor is not his real name it was given to him by people around him because of what the word actually means,a healer who saves people and gives them hope and also shows them a path for a bright future.That’s what the doctor has been doing for all these years.So why have i taken two parts to explain about the greatness of this show?Well the show has been around for more then 50 years and just a single article is not suffice to tell people why they have to watch this show.In part 1 i will talk about the greatness of the doctor before 2005.
So what’s the concept behind doctor who?Well the doctor is a time lord an alien with two hearts who can change his appearance when he is old or hurt and his age is 2000.The time lords are people who are from a higher dimension monitoring the people of lower dimensions and they have the ability to travel through time by the help of the spacecraft they built called the ‘TARDIS'(Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).You know i love the concept behind the tardis. It’s because the tardis is not just a machine.It chooses the time lord they travel with as the time lord chooses the tardis. They are sentient beings with the ability to disguise themselves to the surroundings of the era the time lords travel to(Like if they go to ancient Rome they disguise themselves to be a statue)and they are bigger on the inside.Each and every thing on the planet Gallifrey(Time lords planet)is bigger on the inside from their painting to their tardis(No sexual jokes from the phrase though).
The first 20 years of the show had episodes where they showed the life of the doctor.What he learned,how he was treated by his own people and how many people’s life he saved(A lot!!).This is also one of the show which has a separate story for each episode and also have a main story arc which will be connected in the end.I have stressed this many times in my articles about how tough it is to have a separate story for each episode and to take the show for more then 50 years.Now that’s an achievement no one in the show business have ever achieved that or ever will achieve this feet of success.
That’s not all you can expect from this show.There are villains who won’t let you sleep at night and also the show has a specialty in taking something normal and making it so scary.Yes this show has all kinds of bad guys through out time and also shows how the doctor out clever them week in and week out.It’s not all about the doctor though,the show as given the doctor many companions in the 50 years history of the show.Each and every one of them brings a uniqueness to the show and gives the doctor emotional support and also helping him in his adventure.
So what did i learn from this awesome show?Well the cold reality of life.Everything is the world is not to be taken for granted and every decision we take affects the entire planet be it in a good way or in a bad way.I know you guys might be wondering what’s the word ‘War’ is doing under the doctor in the picture uploaded.Well that’s a big story and it’s one of the reason i cut this part into two.So wait for the second part guys and you won’t be disappointed.


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