DOCTOR WHO-The Terrific Time Lord(Part 2)

Don’t blink,Don’t move,Don’t take your eyes of it and finally don’t even blink.Welcome to part two everyone.What’s the first sentence is all about?It’s just a warning given by the doctor regarding one of his enemies(Also the first sentence is for this article too).The weeping angels they are called stone cold killers (Literally and metaphorically).They are the best organic specimen ever created by the universe.They are called as the ruthless assassins where they don’t kill you but they just throw you back in time and live off your time energy.All the possible interactions that you might have had in your life is the time energy which will be absorbed by them.So why are they called the weeping angels?Well they are made up of stone and the minute they are observed by anyone they will turn into stone.The perfect defense mechanism but it is also their curse.They can’t see each other and so they are called as the loneliest assassins.This is just one of the few things that the show would make you scared of.To this day i’m a little bit scared of statues(A lot scared!!).This part is gonna be like this and will have no cliche sentences to make you watch the show(You will watch it on your own after this).So buckle up for the ride and let’s get to it shall we?
River Song,a beautiful women and a wonderful character which was created by the writers for the important story arc for the show.She was termed as the ‘Killer of the Doctor’.What?I know i said the doctor can’t be killed.Yes but there is a way to kill the doctor.The way is kill him and let him regenerate and kill him while he is regenerating,a cruel way but an effective way.So will he really die?Well you have to see the show to know what happened and if i haven’t peeked your interest,i will talk about the character even more at the end of the article and you will be intrigued to watch the show.
Doctor who is not all about the television shows.They also have lot of mini episodes,special episodes,short films and spin offs.They all made the franchise what it is today.The show was cancelled and the writers decided to finish it on a high note and released a short film in 1985.This release was thought to be an end to the franchise but it didn’t die out.This is what i talked about in the last article.There are lots of fans to this show and they demanded the show to be back and they achieved it.The show was restarted with a new cast and writers in the year 2005.
This time they changed everything around.They created a new story arc and it based around the time war.Yes the war which occurred between the time lords and the species that mostly yells exterminate exterminate!!!!!The only thing these people wanted to do is kill everyone and preserve only their kind(Sounds a lot like some groups present now)but let’s not get into that.This species is called as the Daleks. The time war occurred with a time lock meaning the people in the war cannot move through time as they wish.As with any war we have studied in history this war also had a disastrous killing streak taking the life of both sides but didn’t have an ending.So as you might have guessed who would have give an ending to this war but this ending is what we call genocide.
The day the doctor did it is called as the day that mercy died and the doctor during this war is termed as a ‘Killer’ and he would be the last of his kind.The decision he took on that day would leave the universe speechless but the episode which aired for the 50 years anniversary explains whether the doctor committed genocide or not.Well did he?You have to find it out for yourself.Sorry to leave you people in a cliffhanger.
The doctor wherever he goes takes his companion with him.I’m not talking about the people he travels with but a device that got him out of trouble many times and it is also the trusted companion of the doctor and it is called as the sonic screwdriver.So what about his actual companions?Their story is well a little big for this article to comprehend therefore i want you guys to check it out for yourself.I know you guys are wondering why i’m not revealing too much and asking you check everything out.Well this is an awesome show and i want you guys to find it out and feel the same way i did.
I promised you guys the origin story of river song but i’m not gonna reveal anything in this article.The only thing i can tell about her is that she was born to kill the doctor but she will save him and also marry him instead.How?Again watch the show to know more.The show also doesn’t have just one or two villains to scare people off but they do it with many and in style and as i said before you will understand the importance about having individual story for each episode.Trust me i’m the doctor(Not me but it sounds cool isn’t it)is one of the many awesome quotes in the show.I know that everyone who watches the show after reading this blog will also wonder who?Welcome aboard whovians the fandom is big and it is for everyone.


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