SHERLOCK-The Discerning Detective

You might have read about him in the books or you might have seen his character come alive on the silver screen.Well have you seen his character on the little screen?If you haven’t then stop everything and please go check out the show and you will be pleasantly surprised.The actors who have played the role of Sherlock Holmes both on the big and small screen have done a great job and they also have great respect for each other and both of them possess an amazing skills in acting.So there are a few fans who has biased views on whose the best in the business and personally i like both of them and respect their work and therefore both of them deserved to play the role as Sherlock Holmes.
Why do i insist people to watch the show?Well i just finished watching the fourth season and i want you all to feel the same joy and goosebumps that i felt while i watched the show and you can just binge watch the entire thing pretty easily because there is only four seasons and each season has only three episodes.This show was created by the same guy who is also the head writer of the doctor who franchise and you might sense the intellect of the writer all through the 4 seasons.
Shall we play a game?No i’m just talking about the show.This dialogue is kind of like an initiative given by the villain to solve an unsolvable case and that’s when Sherlock comes into the picture and solve the entire thing with his intellect.Every superhero needs a person who is intellectual and challenging and sometimes out shining the hero and if only he is beaten the hero gets the fame and the guy who portrays the role in the show is called as James Moriarty.The character who challenges Sherlock to his limits and also out shines him sometimes but the most loved thing in the show is the banters between them and the explanations they give for each others action is a treat to watch.
I know you guys who have seen the show is waiting for me to talk about Lady Adler.The character that Sherlock falls for and she is not a normal women.As you can see the lady title before her name is because she is a dominatrix and for you people who don’t understand what that means just watch the show to understand it better and she will too fall for Sherlock and therefore forming an unusual romantic relationship between them and creating an awesome phrase ‘Sherlocked’.
John Watson the soldier who hasn’t mentally returned from the war meets the man who will change the course of his life.Seems like i use that sentence a lot but that’s the truth in the context of this show because Sherlock gave him the grip on reality and gave him a purpose to live that he needed the most.The story he writes in his blog created the fame of Sherlock in the series.
One of the shows writer plays the role of Sherlock’s brother and his name is Mycroft Holmes.He is a little bit smarter then his brother but a little bit down on the emotional side which is balanced by Watson.He cares a lot about his brother in his own way and he is the one who brought together the successful duo of Sherlock and Watson.The show has some great mysteries that will be solved by these guys and one of the awesome thing in the show is the way Sherlock explains how he solved it.Sometimes we might hate the know it all but this guy was made to be loved.
The show also has some other great characters that you would all fall in love with and i don’t want to talk about them in depth but you will know what i’m talking about.So what to expect from this awesome show?Well an intellectual story line and great acting from the actors and some awesome twists that will leave you speechless.


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