BREAKING BAD-Hail Heisenberg

Imagine you live a normal life with a normal job and have a family.Everything is going well and one day you find out that the bad guys are making more in an hour then you make in a year but that doesn’t deter you and you keep on going with your normal life.Then suddenly you realize you wasted all your potential and got nothing to show for your life and the moment you plan to do something you’re struck down with a disease that’s not curable and you have a very short time to live and you have left nothing for you family.What will you do?Welcome everyone,i know that the introduction was a lot sad but that’s the starting point of this show which shows us the reality of what would happen if good guys try to do bad things.Let’s talk about the life of Walter White(Heisenberg).
Walter White a normal chemistry teacher in a high school getting minimal salary and providing for his handicapped son and pregnant wife.Everything sounds alright but that’s only for the first five minutes in the show.As i said he would be diagnosed with cancer and that would trigger the question inside him.What have i done?If that happens to me i would just live out the rest of my days chilling but he has a family to provide.So he would search for a solution to make quick cash.
Now as you might have guessed this is going to be a bad idea and you’re right.One day one of his relatives who is a DEA agent would take Walter to a bust(Pretty much means catching bad guys)and he would run into one of his students who would escape and also a lot of cash.If i was in that situation i would have just returned home without calculating about the money made by drugs but Walter would do just that.Imagine a professor becoming a drug lord. Isn’t that hilarious?Well that’s the start of the show.The scenario is what if good guys go to war(In this case war is drugs).
Let’s see how did the life of a drug lord changed Walter shall we?He is a chemist with high intellect on how to handle different chemical solutions.It just means he can cook meth at a higher efficiency(99.1% to be exact)but even with the great meth all he knows is how to cook and therefore he would team up with the one of his old student that i told you about earlier.Is that enough to start a drug empire?Well no because all they face in the first season is the challenges after challenges.One step forward two steps back would be a good phrase for them but that’s the reality.We can imagine that when he cooks meth he will easily become the kingpin but this show explains why and how that’s not going to be the case.Watch the two desperately try to sell drugs.It will be amusing but the show will have it’s special moments for Walter where you will just get up and clap for that awesome scene.
The show also introduced us to an awesome character called Saul.He played the role of legal support,you know getting these guys out of trouble and helping them make money and launder money.He was so great they even have a spin off for him called ‘Better Call Saul’.That’s not all he would do in the show though.He would link up the heroes with a guy for making more money and that guy is the most awesome and the deadliest villains of the television history.
Gustavo Fringe,a normal business man having fast food chains around america but that’s just a front for distributing and creating drugs.So why is he the best?Well before revealing who he is and what he does he would test the companionship of the heroes and finally would determine they are a failure and disgrace to the business and also won’t deliver the product on time.So even with higher efficient product he would prefer unity and punctuality.Then the hero would convince him and would start working for him.Now one other great thing about him is that he doesn’t mind to get his hand dirty(Literally and Metaphorically)as he would kill someone right in front of the heroes to prove a point.He would be working for the cartel himself but would have a grudge against them and he would finally get his revenge.How?You have to see the show to know about it.Anyways he is the best villain you will ever see in show business who has a cool demeanor and the ability to assert his domination in an awesome way.
Everything i said is all well and good but did you wonder what if the family knew about the dark side of Walter?Well at one point his wife would find out and initially Walter would struggle to convince that he was doing this all for them but towards the end he would make his wife help him launder the money.There are some tense scene between them that would leave you speechless people.Not only he has to manage his family but also manage his social life and his dark side in the middle of dying which would make you feel sorry for Walter even though he is a drug lord.
Everything i told you about the show is a positive thing but now i have to be honest with you people.The show is not watchable for those who don’t binge watch.Yes it has lot of awesome scenes but the build up towards it will bore some people.So practice binge watching and then take on the show and you won’t be disappointed.I also need to give a standing ovation to the writers for the show’s title and the way they portrayed reality leaving everyone wondering what if at the end of the show.


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