Tactics and theatrics is the just one of the basic thing to be expected from this show and i know that the title is pretty straight forward but that’s the best way to explain the reality of the show.The people in the show play a game of thrones and those who are strong and popular will win and those who are weak will lose and the price of losing is with their lives.So why it is so dark?Well as you can see in the photo behind you there are seven families with unique capabilities who fight for the throne with each of them moving like a wheel in a circular motion trying to top one another to be the best.You might think there might be a lot of prophecies about heroes who would one day rise up and break the wheel and you might be right.The mother of dragons.What?Sorry to just reveal this awesome information so early but yes there are dragons in the show.Yes more than one.Still skeptic about it.Well i’m gonna convince you to watch this show.
When asked to explain the show in 30 seconds Emilia Clarke the hero born to save everyone would say’Blood,boobs,death,dragons’.That’s a pretty good description about the show.Well the show also has some awesome political scenes where each and every decision the heroes take will either land them success or land their head on a stick.What???Yeah i told you it was dark.
The show is not all about the four things it has much more than that.It contains many awesome scenes which would definitely give people goosebumps.What kind of scenes?War,politics,espionage,assassinations,torture,sex(Lot of sex)and also dragons burning everything to the ground.Each and every one of the mentioned scenes will be accelerating making this show one of the great classics in the modern century.This show is a direct derivative from the book of the same name and the author has the head writer explaining everything in a grand way.The production for the show is also on a grand level considering all the epic battle scenes which was valued in the millions and also making three dragons to fly around is not a simple task either.So the show has it’s work cut out for them.
The show also introduced us to many awesome characters who has their own story arcs with individual prophecies and their own family name.Sometimes they use it for good but most of the time they use if for bad purposes.As i said before the game is played to be won or to be lost and the losing prize is death.Just a personal advice from me people never watch the show by choosing your favorite character in the beginning and seeing everything from their perspective also never have any high hopes for them because they might not be around for that long and please just prepare yourself for the inevitable because their demise might be really dark(Like really dark).
Since you have prepared yourself for the show let’s talk about the downside of the show.Well there is just only one.You will really love and appreciate the show if you binge watch at least one season and you will get set to the pace of the show.That’s not really a downside and i know it.I just wanted to say something bad and i did.Just watch the show guys it’s a ride of emotions filled with a lot of awesome moments.
The quotes of the show…Where should i begin?Well i’m just gonna talk about one guy and his quotes..”I drink and i know stuff”.Well he is that kind of a character so let’s see one of his other quote”Never forget who you are and the world never will” that’s more like it.What’s the name of this character?I’m not gonna tell you people who he is so just watch out for him.Don’t stress yourself over that because you will know who he is from the start.He will be the ray of sunshine among all the darkness in the show.
The show also has some people who will you absolutely hate.I still hate some of them but in the midst of all their negativity something good will happen.Who am i kidding?You will see the cruelty that the show would enforce on the Stark family(I’m just gonna wipe the tears of my eyes).Even with all these words i’m not close to telling you people how awesome this show really is.I could talk about all the families and how they play the game but i just want you guys to experience that on your own.One thing though just watch out for Daenerys Targaryen. Just follow her character and entertainment is guaranteed.
So please just please watch the show and again my advice is never pick a side and never pick a favorite.


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