HOUSE OF CARDS-The Shrewd And Crude Underwoods

Pain.What is pain?There are two types of pain in the world,the one which is necessary to be endured for a better future and the one that just causes discomfort starts the hero quoting this as he snaps the neck of a dog which would be dying from a hit and run.What?Yes this is called as mercy killing and it also explains that the hero doesn’t like unwanted pain in his life.The question may rise in your heads regarding the decision that the hero took and if he is really a hero and i’m here to tell you why he is a mastermind(Bad guy)who disguises himself as the people’s hero and the journey of his awesome life.From scratch to success.

Well the name of this awesome guy is Frank Underwood.He specialises in whipping people.What?Not in a sexual way as you might be thinking.He is a political whip who pushes bills by convincing council members sometimes through demand and sometimes through promises.Does that sound boring?Well the speciality of the show is to make it interesting and they have done an awesome job.

What is the plot of the show?It’s a political thriller which showcases the amount of politics that goes on behind every decision taken by the government and also who really possess the power within the government.Well alright what’s that got to do with Frank?That’s where the fun really starts.The democrats would win the election and Frank would be promised a seat in the ministry but will be betrayed in the end and that’s not a good thing.Never ever betray or anger Frank Underwood because he would tear you apart and attain his goals no matter the obstacle that is placed in front of him.He is like a bull chasing a red flag and the poor guy who receives the wrath of Frank is the newly elected president which he actually deserves.

Is that even possible,yes it is possible when the guy is Frank Underwood.The planning he would do for his revenge is quite complex and sometimes can blow up in his face.It is mainly because he doesn’t plan his villainous activities in the shadow and execute them through others.He does everything in plain sight and sometimes they seem risky(Well every time)but he will pull them off eventually and would become the president of america.Really!!!That’s the end goal people.He was betrayed by the president so the right thing would be to get close to him and destroy him personally and professionally to take over as the new president(I’m making it sound simple but it is really not).

The plan is very elaborate and complex to pull off but he is a shrewd person who can actually pull it off but he might really appreciate the help from someone who is more brilliant and deadly then himself and also who would help him in his cause.Who is that awesome character?Well the wife of the hero Claire Underwood who really motivates and guides the hero towards the seat of presidency.Their open marriage is an perfect example for all the modern day couples whether it is the threesome they will have or seducing someone or planning to kill someone(Okay may be not a perfect example to everyone)but they will have an awesome relationship nevertheless.

The show also introduced many awesome characters that you will ever see in the show business.One such character is the guy who makes Frank his favourite food(Steak,nice and juicy)and the interactions they will have through out the seasons are priceless.That’s not the only character though.Raymond Tusk,the rich billionaire who is a friend of the elected president and also the one giving suggestions and help with some decisions and advice to the president on some topics(Well really controlling the government)would reveal who he is to Frank and that he was the the reason why he wouldn’t get the seat in the ministry.Now all of you would think since he is a rich guy he would be keen on making money and therefore won’t possess that much of a threat.Well this guy is not just a normal rich guy.He doesn’t care about the money and he won’t use it as an asset to take on Frank.Now it’s not just the president that he has to take on it’s also the rich guy with brains.So what’s the result?Well you have to watch the show to see how Frank Underwood becomes the president and when everything gets over at the end of second season and when he becomes the president Frank will walk into the room and he will tap on the table with his ring.Just enjoy the scene which would be relaxing after an entertaining joy ride of a season and also an amazing indication of what to come in the future.

The question you might have regarding the show and the question you should ask is how the media was silent with all the political things happening in Washington and they won’t be and there will be lot of conspiracies and leaks in the show which will surprise everyone including you.Why did i call the Underwood’s crude?The number one thing is in the first paragraph and the number two thing is because of the things they would do to the journalists who would investigate about the incidents.Just watch out for the awesome way they would evade the media and also manipulate the media to their own advantage.

For those who have watched the show you would know i have missed an important thing that made this show what it is and it’s because i didn’t know about it when i watched it and i was pleasantly surprised and was really happy and i want the people to find out on their own.I promise you people that you won’t be disappointed.The cons of this show are none.The pros is everything that i have mentioned above and also the fact that it has only 13 episodes for each season and they will be released on a single day.So binge watchers this show was made for you and the people who won’t binge watch practice it with this show and you won’t be disappointed because this is one of the best show in the modern era that not only gives people entertainment but also in some moments gives them chill down their spine in a good way and a lot of anxious moments which will really draw you into the show.This is really the nail biter of a show and kudos to the actors and writers for creating this amazing marvel.


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