STRANGER THINGS-The Enhanced Little One

I hope everyone reading this blog have seen the film E.T by Steven Spielberg and if you haven’t seen the film please go and check it out because it’s an awesome film which has inspired several other films and shows for more than 20 years in the sci-fi genre and this show is one of them.This show has not only taken the sci-fi element of the movie but also the style of it’s execution.It just means the show has many similarities with the movie and had a great impact on the audience.The show is crazy and the amount of accolades it got was equally crazy.

If the concept has already been executed by one of the great directors what’s so awesome about this show.The idea behind the show is to have kids as the lead which was derived from the film and the kids would run into the enhanced one in the pilot.The enhanced one is also a kid whose a variant on the alien from the film but she has superhuman powers and that’s the main difference between the show and the film.She has the ability to control objects and people around her and also has the ability to travel between different dimensions.It’s basically telekinesis,the power that Olivia Dunham had in Fringe which i talked about in my other article.They have lot of similarities in terms of how they got their powers and how they were being activated.Basically it’s by tweaking their emotional quotient.Olivia’s power was activated by harnessing her fears and it’s also same in this show.The way she would execute her powers in the show is really dark and cruel which was meant to be that way and they would have executed it perfectly.The only difference between Fringe and this show is the way they would have acquired their power.In Fringe it was because of a drug and in this show it was all natural.It means she was a born super hero.

The plot of the show also has a great deviation from the movie.It was just the style that was incorporated and not the story itself.The actual plot of the story revolves around the girl with the super powers.Why am i not telling her name?It’s because she doesn’t have a name.She will be simply called as 11 because she would be just a test subject and will be treated as such(I told you the show was cruel).The show begins in the basement with four kids(Nerds)playing games and having a good time but when returning home one of them would go missing.Where will he go?He would vanish into a different dimension(Wow i really wanna go there)and if this is also the state of mind of the readers there is a slight problem.The dimension where he would get lost in would be absolutely dark with monsters(Big scary monsters)roaming around and their intentions is to kill any outsiders(Suddenly it doesn’t sound pleasant does it).

The question of who opened the portal to this dangerous dimension is obviously the girl with the super powers(11).Why am i stressing about the super power of a kid?You will know when you watch the show.Just look out for her and the scenes where she would demonstrate her powers to the other kids which is a guaranteed goosebumps moment to everyone.She would have created this dimension as an experiment gone wrong and what happened after this incident is the beginning of the show.She would escape the facility in which she was held captive and when she is on the run she would run into the the three boys who are searching for their friend who went missing.That’s an important turning point in the show as the kids would try to help 11 by hiding her in the basement and would discover about her powers and also would make her normal to the public’s eye.Their acting in all these scenes is really something to behold.Since the show took inspiration from the movie it also has the same exciting bicycle scenes where the kids would escape from the government.Just watch out for those scenes and you will not be disappointed.

We talked about the kids and their roles but the show is not only about them.Yes there are adults involved in the show and they would have played their roles with perfection.What is their roles exactly?There are two parents to look out for in the show who are the polar opposites in terms of parenting.One of the parent is a single mom with two kids and her kid is the one who would go missing and the other has a perfect suburb family with three kids but doesn’t actually connect with the kids and therefore the kids won’t respect them but their basement would be the meeting point of the kids and it also where they would hide 11.The secondary leads of the show is the brother and sister of the kids.They also have an interesting story arc similar to the kids.

The missing kid,shady government agents and deaths in the show might make you wonder what’s the police has been doing and you are right because the police force would be really small comprising of morons except the sheriff as he would take up the investigation and would execute everything in his style and would eventually put together everything to solve the entire mystery.The story telling is pretty simple in this show.The kids,teenagers and the sheriff will have separate story arcs which will be connected in the end of the series.The success of the show lies in the execution of the story and the screenplay.

You people might wonder how many accolades did this show actually get?Crazy amount of accolades.I was told to watch this show by a friend and even before i got a chance to check it out every other show i watch talked about this show with a lot of praises.Every running show talked about this and they were not wrong.This is one of the few shows that actually executes a simple story in an awesome way.The show has only 8 episodes with all of them releasing on a single day.So again binge watch the entire thing for a great experience.The show has no negative remarks and has a ton of positive feed backs and also watch out for the scenes where 11 will use her powers or the scenes in which they will try to hunt down the monster.This is a critically acclaimed show and everything about this show is lovable and i promise you that it will be a time well spent.


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