FAMILY GUY-The Gratifying Griffins(Part 1)

Everyone in the world would have heard or seen the great animated sitcom ‘The Simpsons’.This show is just an extension of that show with more vulgarity and which would be shown in a good way.That doesn’t sound right.It actually means this show talks more about the sensitive topics.They also don’t shy away from making jokes on those topics and they make it sound astonishing.The photo behind the article would be a clear picture of what to expect from this amazing show.So let’s dive into the world of the griffins who would definitely give you a hell of a ride.

The leads of the show are the griffin family who live in the fictional place called quahog and the plot sets of as any sitcom.The life of the family is the major story arc of the show.What’s so great about that you ask,every damn thing.The jokes written for each episodes are so funny and so wild.You will have a laughing riot for the whole episode.Which one of the six is the funny one?Personally for me is the baby named Stewart Gilligan Griffin(Stewie)who really is the smart one in the family.There are five more characters in the show with their own fan base and also have their moments.I’m going to talk about them individually to give everyone the best picture regarding the show.

I’m gonna go in order and talk about the man of the house first.Peter Griffin,the man who doesn’t think before speaking.The retard who is given the job of taking care of the family.He is also an alcoholic who got lucky.How lucky?He met the love of his life at a younger age.He would successfully marry her and will start a family.Now you might wonder how he is a family man.I still wonder that after 14 seasons of the show.Just look for the guy though because he is the one that sets up the cut away.What is that?It’s just a great scenario in the show where he just sets up a random flashback from his past.It’s just like the time when i had a million dollars(Not me the character).

Next is the women of the house.Lois Griffin who married the fat idiot because she fell in love with his behavior.Someone said love makes everyone blind and they were right because Lois who is the daughter of a billionaire would marry this fat bastard.I’m sorry if i seem rude towards Peter but when you watch the show you will see how he treat his wife.Then you will agree with my point.

The kids of the show is also an absolute riot.First let’s talk about Chris Griffin.The sad thing is that he is also one of the slow one.It seems like everyone in the show is a moron.That’s just for the jokes.He really doesn’t play that much of an important part in the show.Who am i kidding?He is one of the main reason that the show is successful even after all these years.He is an absolute idiot worse than his old man and that’s saying something.

Up next is meg(That is all).

Next is my favorite character of the show. Stewie ,the young genius who always has something brilliant planned.He would build a time machine at the age of 5.Nobody can do that.He also has plans to take over the world by killing everyone.I know that doesn’t make sense that’s because he is a baby.Not only he hates the world he also hates his mother.I mean really hate her(To the extent of planning to kill her).That’s just one of the few amazing things that stewie would perform on the show.

The dog of the house gets a special mention because he is one of the few brilliant ones in the show or that’s what he would tell others.I’m confused regarding the brilliance of the character.He’s just a phony who thinks he is smart but actually is no where near the level of stewie(He is fucking awesome).

That’s all about the characters and i know the people who have watched the show will not feel so thrilled about this article.I’m sorry people that’s why i have separated the article into two parts.I want people to watch the show so i eased them with few bad words and character bio today but tomorrow is gonna be a blast.So if you’re uncomfortable with bad words then don’t read my article tomorrow because shit’s gonna get real.


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