FAMILY GUY-The Gratifying Griffins(Part 2)

Lois: It seems today
That all you see
Is violence in movies and sex on TV
Peter: But where are those good old fashioned values
Stewie, Brian, Chris and Meg: On which we used to rely?
Entire Family: Lucky there’s a Family Guy
Lucky there’s a man who
Positively can do
All the things that make us
Stewie: Laugh and cry!
Entire Family: He’s… a… Fam… ily… Guy!

Yes we are lucky to have a family guy who brings nothing but trouble to his family.Welcome to part 2 everyone.Today we are going to look at what made family guy so successful for more then 15 years.

Before we get into the show i just wanna say thank you to Seth.He is the writer and creator of the show.He has also created movies like ted and shows like american dad.He voices for more then 10 characters in the show.Give that guy a medal not just for his voice acting but also for his sense of humor.He is an expert in writing dirty jokes and if you watch this show you will also start to look everything in a dirty way and that’s a good thing.Not only Seth but everyone voice actors in the show does their job to perfection.Kudos to everyone for making this show come alive.

Alright now let’s get into the crazy world of the griffins.I have talked extensively about the Griffin family.They are not the only success story of the show.First there are the guys.Peter’s friend who does everything that peter does and causes nothing but trouble.They even imagine themselves as the A-Team because there is an entire episode dedicated to this scenario where they will try to help others and fail fucking miserably.That’s just one of the many sequences and in each and everyone of them they will make you laugh.They would also be fucking drunk in everyone of them.The running gag of the show is the chicken fight between Peter and well a chicken.They will absolutely fucking hate each other and they would destroy everything in their path.

I’m just gonna talk about one of the three guys because he is kind of the wild one and the other two are just dull to begin with.So whose the wild character?Quagmire even his name is wild and exotic.The best thing he has ever done is when he conducted a celebratory party.What’s so amazing about that?The party covered the entire street and the reason for the party is the amount of time he has successfully scored with a women.2000 to be exact.What?Yes.The craziness doesn’t stop there. The party would consist of machines giving the experience of having sex with him and also pinatas in weird shapes.To wrap up the party he will have a speech planned out where he will introduce his first sex partner and also he will have sex with his number 2000(A fucking bass).It’s a type of fish and before you throw up he is like that all the time.I warned you about the wildness of this guy.There is also the time when he would spike women with roofie and then take them home to have sex(That’s all the time).Just look out for him in the show.

The show also has tons of side characters whose job is to cause some chaos and also sometimes they will turn the plot of the episode.Sorry i forgot to mention one more thing.You can never guess the plot of the episode.It’s just one of many amazing things about the show.How is that amazing you ask?Imagine you see the title of the episode and guessing the plot and it happens like you guessed.There is no fun in that.They just take you through a ride of laughter and you would not be able to guess the way it will end.

There are several styles of episodes in family guy.Some episodes mainly focuses on the guys and their adventures or it will focus on the family.One such example is the episode titled as ‘Road to’where the dog and the baby will go on adventures of their own.So if you watch this show variety is guaranteed along with laughter and joy.This show not only makes you laugh but also increases your sense of humor.It may be sometimes dark but no will ever call you dull.

At this point you might have labelled the show as filth and ‘A’ rated.In some regards you might be right but i’m here to tell you why you’re wrong.It’s simply because of the music.Did you know the back ground music for this show is recorded with an entire room of orchestras.Yes the rich harmony from that music just ease out the sick jokes from the show.It just class up the show a bit.I personally love the music and if you listen to it you will as well.

This is a show for everyone(Age above 18).The show is made for people to release their stress and chill after a tough day at work.This show is for people who doesn’t know about sex.i know that’s shocking for you people to hear but i personally know a few people who shy away from that topics.It doesn’t stop with sex.There is a lot of other things that the show offers and each and everyone of them is freaking amazing.The show also has an Simpson’s crossover for you people to look forward to.

I also want to thank all the fans of the show.They are the only reason why the show is still active because the show was cancelled twice and the fans bought the dvds which boosted the sales and popularity of the show.This forced the network to bring back the show and the rest is history.Just give this show a chance and you won’t be disappointed.That’s because as i said they are not afraid to make jokes on the sensitive topics which not only make us laugh but also will make us think.


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