THE BLACKLIST-The Sumptuous Spader

You guys might have heard about the amazing guy called James Spader. If not you might have heard about him from the film Avengers:Age Of Ultron has he voiced the character of Ultron. If you didn’t feel the chill down your spine from his voice in the movie i don’t know what will.He also played the lead role in Boston Legal which won him many awards and some well deserved recognition.In this show he plays as escape military officer who would go rogue and become the FBI’s top most wanted guy.Sorry i’m just a fan boy but i promise you when you see the show you will become one too.The show is not all about Spader. There are other important characters with their own uniqueness but he always steals the limelight with his amazing talent in acting.

So what’s so amazing about the show?It all begins with the fictional character called as Raymond Reddington(Spader) the FBI’s top most criminal walks into their office and surrenders.Instead of arresting him they would take him to a secret facility to hear what he has to offer.The demand he would put forth are really simple.He will say a criminals name who are not really known to the crime division but he will speak only with Agent Keen.How did she become so important to the show all of a sudden?That’s just the plot of the show.

Agent Keen would be a rookie who would just be starting her career in the bureau.Her job would be to analyse the bad guys and prevent future crimes.She is like a human handler who is trained to read people’s emotion.A similar example would be Clarice Starling from the silence of the lambs.Calm down!!The show is not about serial killers.I just gave an example to relate.So why Raymond takes his interest on her.You have to watch the show to know more about it and people as i say everyday you won’t be disappointed.

The name of the show is called the blacklist.It’s an easy one to deduct where the names of the bad guys who the government doesn’t know but it would be provided by Red.That’s the negotiating point with which he would to manipulate the government.He would also do good things along the way by stopping bad guys who are worse then him but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a bad guy himself who has committed some daunting crimes.So the villains of the show are that bad?Yes they range from a normal heist crew to a serial killer.I like that serial killer’s character though because he will be termed as the ‘Good Samaritan’ where he would torture the people who are prone to violence.He would just replicate what they to their victims and he would do it to them to let them know what they have done.I know it’s a harsh but he would be called a Good Samaritan for very good reason.The show would start with a formation of the task force which is given the job to listen to red and stop the real bad guys for a change.

The main question you might have is what’s in it for Red?He is already an established criminal who has a huge empire.The weapon of choice is information with which he creates and destroys people’s life.So why would he give up all that and help the FBI.He is the television’s most smartest guy and he would never get captured by the law enforcement because as i said information is his weapon and it is a powerful one.He also manipulates people to get what he wants when he wants and he will get away with it all the time by being the best.

The show also concentrates on Keen’s marriage as she would be married to a spy.
What?I know that’s why i want you to watch this show.The way they both trick each other to get information is something to behold.Red gives the bureau a weekly Black Lister to catch.That just means the show has a separate story for each episode and those are always tough to produce.I have already talked about the range of the villains that the task force would stop and i cannot stress the greatness they add to the show.

It doesn’t stop with a single story saga.The show as a continuous main plot which will have many twists and turns but will be made sense in the end.That big plot deals with the biggest and most dangerous enemy Red has ever faced in his life.Just watch the show to see how he handles every situation they throw at them and the way he will defeat them.This should be a definite watch for all people just because Spader as acted in the show.So please do check out the show and it will definitely be a treat for you.


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