THE MENTALIST-The Calm And Collected Crime Solver

Everyone might have heard about people having the ability to predict the future or heard about people calling themselves as psychics.Do not have faith in all of them as they are just phonies.They do not have possess these powers as they are con artists who just rip people off.So how’s that related to this show?The lead of the show Simon Baker will be one of them who would rip off people with his intellectual skills.He would have high intellectual quotient than others around him which he would be using for bad things in the beginning of the show.What changed him is the starting point of the show which will also change his personality in the show.

What’s the show is all about?As the title suggests it’s a crime solving show where they take on tough cases.They would solve them with the help of the lead Patrick Jane(Simon Baker).I can rave about Simon Baker all day because of his acting skills.Watch this show and you would know what i’m talking about.The story line and a great screenplay are the corner stone for this show and finding the two combination is really hard thing in the show business.This show also have some wonderful actors who have made their career in this show.This show also gave us the best villain of all time.Yes you saw the words right.The best villain of all time in the show business and i will talk about him in this article(Not in detail but enough to get you intrigued).

The show doesn’t just give importance to Patrick Jane as the show is really all about team work.He will eventually outshine them at every turn but with respect.The team consist of five people where their personalities are cliched.Why?You might have seen a serious guy who loves his job and does everything by the rules.The other two who would try to get into a romantic relationship where they succeed for a season and break up and finally get married in the end.The fourth one is the leader of this group called as Teresa Lisbon whose job is to control the group with an iron fist as they tend to solve the cases in a weird fashion.This can be considered as one of the Cons of the show but one guy makes the difference with his personality and being the first lead to break the cliche in show business with his style of acting and execution of his character.

The show also has a separate story for every episode.It also has a continuous story which is the shining factor of the show.It’s all because of two guys.The fight between them is personal because of one thing.Now everyone the show is gonna get little bit dark(Actually a lot dark)so if you don’t feel comfortable you can stop reading.So let’s talk about why the show is really successful shall we?

The name is Red John which is not his real name obviously.The police will dub the name for the villain because of his style.I know he is a serial killer and i’m sorry if i seem a little bit excited.I’m just talking about the perfect execution of the creepiness of the character.That kind of execution is really tough but they have nailed it.Kudos to the writer and actor for such a wonderful character.So the personal thing he would do to the lead is kill his wife and daughter and the parting gift was the image you can see behind in the photo uploaded.Yes the daunting evil smile which he would make out off animal blood.He would do this in every one of his crime scenes and kills women only with the exception of his first kill where would be sloppy and kill a guy who would witness the crime.I’m sorry people.It’s gonna get even worse.

So why the villain would target the lead.Remember i told you the hero was a con artist who would make money of peoples ignorance.So one day when questioned about the serial killer he would talk less about him which would trigger the killing of his spouse and his child.I know it’s a little harsh but that’s the way he would send a message to everyone who would hate him for who he is and this would change the personality of the hero.He would swear to kill him when he finds the identity of the killer.Will he find him?Yes but it would take him a lot longer as the villain is a lot more intellectual then the hero himself.He not only kills people for his own emotional trauma but he would also start a secret organization within the government which are made for people who made mistakes in their life.He would help them by taking care of their mistakes and in return they should support him to be always one step ahead of the investigation.The delusions of grandeur would make him create devils everywhere and that was his wish.This would be succeeded by him with ease.The back and forth between the two and the level of intellect between the two sets the tone of the show to become a great success.

The pro content of the show is really the villain and his ideology.Even though he is a serial killer you will grow conscious to admire him and his decisions to stay on top of things.The best comparison is the love and admiration we had for Heath Ledger who portrayed the role of the joker and to this day he has many fans than batman himself.So watch the show to see for yourself how amazing the villain is and the answer to the question of whether the hero kills him in the end.You have to watch the show to find out for yourself and as always you won’t be disappointed.


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