WHITE COLLAR-The Deadliest Duo

Elegance and excellence are the two best words to explain the show.It also covers the actors who portrayed the lead roles.The show is successful because of one guy who portrays the character called as Neal Caffrey. This character is one of the best in the show business.The success was also achieved with the help of the story and screenplay which really made the lead character to shine.The writers also crafted the great wonder of a story with minimal violence so it can be enjoyed with the family a rare trait in the modern era.The story is represented in the brightest way possible with some sprinkle of optimism.This show might have ended prematurely but it still lives on in peoples heart.

The title of the show is nothing fancy.It’s just homage to the department of FBI which overlooks the crimes related to art.How is that related to the lead?He is a conman.What’s that?He is just a dignified thief.That’s not a good thing but he likes the thrill of the act and so he commits crime not because of the money.He is also good at it and therefore we can cut him some slack before judging.Nearly good as he would get caught and end up in jail.That’s just the quick overview of the show before the actual stuff begins.Kind of like a flashback.

So how does the show really begin?It all starts with a parting message left by the girlfriend of Neal before leaving him and this would trigger Neal to commit a jail break only with a few months left on his time in prison.That’s the kind of love he would have for his women.He would do anything and everything for the love of his life.I’m stressing their love story because in the end…You know what,just see the emotional moment for yourself because the scene is really moving and i want you to experience it for yourself.

He escapes the prison and starts to chase his women but life is never that easy.Did you wonder how the most talented,charming,cunning and skillful conman(Sorry for the fanboy moment)got caught and that should be the question running through your mind.That’s when the FBI’s most talented agent comes into the picture.Peter Burke who would take the case as a challenge and would finally capture the elusive conman.(That was a mishap on Neal’s part not the actual talent of the agent).Again sorry for the fanboy moment.The real reason for his capture is a treat and i want you all to see check it out and be amazed on your own.

Everyone knows that behind every successful man there is a women.Most of the times she would be the man of the house and brilliant(Definitely not in my case).This scenario is applicable for this show because the wife of the FBI agent is the brilliance of the house.She uses her talent sometimes to help them solve cases but most of the time provides emotional support for her husband to see him through the tough times.

Alright it’s not fair for you guys if i talk about the characters without giving them a starting point.So as you know the show begins with the lead escaping the prison but he will not be able to find his girlfriend.He would again give himself up to Peter but he would offer his talent for his freedom to the agency.The offer lets him out into the custody of Peter with an anklet monitor to track his movements.In return he would help the agency take down some dangerous criminals and to be honest the agency was helpless before he arrived.This offer would ignite one of the astonishing pair of crime solvers in show business.

I’m not gonna talk about the rest of the squad as they tend to be in the side of dullness.Neal would outshine and outsmart them at every instance with his charm.I said the duo was successful but how can a criminal and a bureaucrat work well together.It’s simple the bureaucrat shuts up and listen to the smart criminal.Some times Peter gives brilliant ideas but Neal’s the smart,funny,talented(Sorry again)one in the team and he would come up with out of the box ideas to solve crimes and looks good while doing it.

The most important question regarding the show is the trust between the two lead characters.I mean would you really trust a conman to let him inside you life.I would definitely not but what if it’s a obligation that needs to be met.To answer the question i will leave some scenarios for you people to figure out that on your own.The team would discover a old Nazi submarine carrying art from various part of the world worth millions and what would happen to that is obvious.This is just one of the many scenarios where Neal would have crossed the line and caused trouble for Peter.How do they overcome the betrayal is for you people to watch.

The show as a individual plot line for each season and for each episode which would set a relaxing but an accelerating pace at the same time.I know that doesn’t make sense but when you watch the show you will understand.You should also look out for the character called Mozzie. Just look out for him because he is the live wire in the show.This show also has the brightest cinematography you will ever see.I’m serious,just watching an episode will cheer you up.The show also teaches a few life hacks necessary to survive.Overall an awesome show which should not be missed.Just watch it and have a great time.


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