HANNIBAL-The Cannibal

Buckle up everyone.This one is a doozy. You might have guessed from the title what’s the show is all about.I’m just here to tell you what to expect from the show.This show is the derivative from the film ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.Yes the film which won Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins the Oscar for a short but an effective role as Hannibal.This show is a little bit different from the film but as the same intensity of the film.Dr.Hannibal Lecter is a character that is always listed as one of the top villains of all time.He is also one of the most terrifying villains just because of his profession.He is psychiatrist.He has the ability to kill your mind and your body.After he kills you he will eat you.I know it’s sick to even think about it but if the execution is perfect then it will be a success.So let’s get into the world of H(C)annibal.

The show begins with the lead character trying to solve a crime with the power of his brain.Empathy,the ability with which he can walk and talk in the shoes of the killer.That sounds dangerous but it’s an effective way to solve unsolvable crimes.So the local cops utilizes his talent from time to time but his main job is that he is the professor of criminology in FBI.Yes he helps people solve crimes.One day an FBI agent in charge of a missing persons case recruits the lead to help him find the missing people.The name of the agent is Jack Crawford.Yes the same character from the movie but with his personality changed from his failure.What failure?I will talk about it in this article.

So how terrible is the doctor?Well he chooses his target based on their intellectual level.For example if his patient is a chain smoker who is dumb to let his lungs die he would kill him and eat his lungs.kind of like a ceremony.I don’t know i’m just trying to make it pleasant.I’m sorry i told you it would be dark.Sometimes he even kills people not for eating but just for fun.He has visiting cards collected from his victims so when he cooks he can choose the right ingredient.He his also a famous cook who hosts many dinner parties after he has killed his victims.Don’t judge him he would warn those people that everything on the table is not vegetarian(The shot would go to his crime and how he harvested the organs for the meal).I know this is getting a little sick.So we will talk about the lighter things in the show.

So the name of the lead is Will Graham who would take on the case of the missing persons.He shouldn’t have taken the case as he would suffer from a neurological problem.That means he cannot get involved with some serious cases as he cannot empathize with the perpetrator of dangerous proportions because there is a chance he would become them.That’s a gamble Jack would be ready to take for the sake of people who went missing.This case will lead them to a serial killer and Will would be forced to kill him and this would trigger the synchronization.See the antler in the photo.That signifies the point in which he will start to act like the serial killer.

Hannibal will meet Will during this case in which he will also help him deal with his problem.The guy who is the king of manipulation and a guy who gets easily confused.I’m making it sound so easy but it’s not.It will take nearly a season for Hannibal to have fully synchronized Will with the serial killer.Why?You have to watch the show to know more about the reasoning of Hannibal.

The success of the show is also due to it’s incredible music.You have to reel in the audience and have to engage them in an emotional level to make them concentrate on the show.The music is the captivating factor of the show.It’s always tough to get it right and even tougher for a show about serial killers but they would have nailed it.They will really make you attached to the show.

The actors who have played the characters should also be given homage as they portrayed some dark characterization but made it look really easy in the show.The writers did an amazing job of creating a great story line.They also showed the crude and unsettling scenes in a better way.They classed it up a lot for the people to watch and enjoy the show.The only con of the show is that you shouldn’t watch it while you’re eating.A lesson i learned the hard way which i don’t want you people to learn as well.

So what to expect from this show?The show is not all about the dark content regarding Hannibal.It has a good story and great actors to make this show one of a kind.Remember the failure of Jack.If you haven’t seen the movie just go watch it and you will know the difference between the two and you won’t be disappointed with either of them.


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