Imagine the scenario where you wake up from a coma,stuck in a hospital room while the rest of the world lost it’s mind due to an epidemic.What is the first thing you would do?If you’re a family man you would look for them.If not you explore the world to find answers.This scenario is the first scene of the show in which the lead named Rick Grimes the sheriff wakes up from a coma only to find out the world has gone rogue.He gets out and starts to chase his lost family.So what drove the world mad?That’s the high point in the show.They are called as the walkers and let’s talk about them in detail shall we?

The people of the world are affected by a disease which would turn them into a zombie(walkers).Everyone is affected and there is no way to stop them from changing.I guess that’s the simpler version of the story.Just watch the show to understand how the people were turned and the ways in which they can be stopped.The writers would have done an amazing job of revealing new information as they go through the seasons and you will get used to them in no time.They are not zombies that you see in films where they would be running or biting people.They are not weak as well because if they find you they will kill you.The only way to escape them is to outrun them as they just walk.Hence the name.

So what would the people do in this scenario?If it was me i would search the world for a cure or find a safe place to hide.That’s where the cons of the show are lying.Yes the major cons of the show are it’s group where the people would join to be a refuge to escape the walkers.This would trigger the formation of multiple groups which would eventually start a war.Due to this scenario the groups would become more dangerous then the walkers themselves.One more con of the show is regarding the method of synthesizing cure which there is none and this leads to more walkers and more wars between the groups.After a point everything will become pointless.

I know that’s a little bit hard to overlook but the show compensates that with a great plot line and some fantastic characters who are loved worldwide.The major pro content of the show is the way they have shot the scenes.The tenacity and intensity in which they shoot the episodes will take your breath away.This show streams your adrenaline rush with it’s racy scenes.That’s enough to call this show a modern marvel.I would recommend this show to people as the seasons are short and the episodes are racy.A perfect fit for a successful show.

Even after talking about the shows pros and cons i want to take a middle ground and talk about the uncomfortable scenes.The show displays a lot of violence which is to be expected with the genre of the show.I mean when you see a walker you don’t play with it,you kill it and sometimes the show might have taken a bit far with the ways. They would have shot those scenes in a better way to just ease the fans.This is just a warning from me,if you’re under 18 please don’t watch the show.

Remember the hero chasing his lost family.Before he was in a coma he would be a good family man living the simple happy life with his wife and son.He would also have a partner since he would be a cop and the actor who plays the role as his partner also played the villain called ‘The punisher’ in the hit marvel show Daredevil.So you know what’s coming right?He convinces the heroes wife that he died and he would take his family with a group to escape the walkers.Since it would take a while for the hero to wake up his friend would have planted his flag.I know it’s not sensitive to say that but frankly i’m still pissed off about his wife’s decision to sleep with her mans best friend(Fu***** Bi***).I’m sorry people.

So how’s that related to the group.The hero would eventually track his family and would find the group.He would start to call the shots which would trigger the power struggle.This would distract the group from the actual problem which would result in some casualties.It will all end though and it would be a great finish to an awesome story arc.Just watch out for these characters and you won’t be disappointed.

The show has it’s ups and downs but it would never seize to amaze you with it’s accelerating plot and it’s perfect cast.This show should never be missed as it is one of the classics with a special place in my heart.Just give this show a chance and you would understand what i’m talking about.SPOILER:Don’t get attached to any of the characters in the show.It’s for your own good.


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