PRISON BREAK-Brothers In A Bastille

We all have heard or read about conspiracies on how the powerful people use their influence to escape from the crimes they committed by dumping them on the unsuspecting common people.Yes as you might have guessed one of the two leads in the show will be sentenced to prison for a crime that he would not commit.What would you do if something similar happens to your family?I would personally fight it legally as a boring person or i can help them escape the prison.That’s how the writers came up with the name.The two leads of the show are brothers and one of them will be imprisoned and the other would try to help him break out of the prison.Will they be successful?Let’s talk about their adventures inside the prison to know more about that.

Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are the brothers and the leads of the show.In the pilot of the show we would see Micheal giving himself to the cops and he would also be sentenced to the same prison where his brother would be held and the prison break plan would be initiated.So what’s the first thing you would need to pull off a perfect prison break.You need to know everything about the prisons architecture and a crew.That’s the point of the entire show.The writers would have done a great job of writing the script with an amazing plot and also with a lot of twists.Homage should be given to the actors for playing their roles to perfection.Since they play the role of hardcore criminals which is naturally tough to pull off.

Each season has a systematic progression where the leads of the show try to escape the prison only after securing their position inside the prison.It means they won’t take unnecessary risks and will not put their lives in danger(Most of the time).They would risk their life when they talk to hardcore criminals to form a crew.The prison mates who they are trying to recruit are deadly and would do anything to escape the prison.Will they?You have to check out the show for yourself to know more about them and their ways.

Remember when i talked about the importance of knowing the prison architecture.Yes the lead of the show Micheal would agree with me as he would be the map.What?Yes the hero is the map literally as he would cover his entire body(Expect his face and i would guess his tender area)with a tattoo.His tattoos are the map of the prison which the crew would follow to escape.

Even with all the great things in the show it has some cons which sometimes hinder the greatness it could have achieved.The main con of the show is the systematic progression.It’s a pro for some people and a con for others.So if you decide to watch this show please let me know how did you feel about it.One other con is the pace of the show which would sometimes bore you so it has to watched in a binge style.

The pro content of the show is really the actors.They would have done a great job in expressing their emotions.The show is a treat for fans who like to see the heroes escaping a tight situation with their intellectual skills and even though many shows have done the same thing this shew has done it differently and is successful for that reason.The actors who are present in the crew are hardcore criminals and they would have played their character with a great richness.It just means they would make you believe that they are real criminals.These reasons are enough to intrigue you to watch this show.

Fans of the show,i have a good news regarding the show.Yes the network has decided to relaunch the show with the the continuity from its last season and promised it will be a hell of a ride.I’m really looking forward to enjoy the new season.Watch the show as it has some great moments and characters you will fall in love with.Give this show a shot and you won’t be disappointed.


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