THE X-FILES-The Godfather Of Drama

Aliens,government cover ups,conspiracies and astronomical mysteries are just some of the things to be expected from this amazing show.You might have seen a lot of documentaries regarding the existence of aliens or even watched the shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’ where they talk about the existence of aliens who helped the growth of humanity.That’s the base content of this show.Are we alone?The question that the lead would try to find the answer for because he would be an advent believer in the existence of the extra-terrestrials.This would reduce the quality of his field work since he would be a FBI agent.This would force his superiors to start an investigation into his cases and behavior.So they would pair him up with a partner who would act as an inside source to the agency.This would start an unusual partnership but the best one that the show business would ever see for the foreseeable future.This show is really the godfather of modern age drama.There are lot of shows that have tried to replicate the magic but have failed miserably.

Mulder and Scully are the name of the leads.They would investigate cases which nobody else in the agency would even try to take on,cases which are astronomical in nature.The best example for this sentence is the way they try to investigate the cases that are relating to aliens.What’s so special about that?It’s not just about a single case.They will investigate multiple cases in various angles to solve the mystery.Will they do it? Just watch the show because it would be an amazing treat.The question you might have is why did I call them the shining example for drama?The genre of the show is sci-fi but with the right way of writing they can achieve a perfect dramatic output.As I said no other television show has ever come close to replicate the magic of the show.

The success of the show is purely due to the chemistry between the leads of the show.One is the believer and the other is the skeptic.I know it has been used by many others but these guys are the one who wrote a book on it(Metaphorically).Mulder would discover that his partner is a spy to keep tabs on him from the first moment of the show but would accept her to change her point of view.Sometimes you would feel the need to shut her up(I felt it most of the time)but it would change as the seasons progress and the writers would have really nailed the progression of their relationship.They would take on some dangerous villains and some of them would be inside their own agency.The government would try really hard to keep Mulder away from the answers that he has been chasing for the most part of his life.

Mulder would be the son of a military man with whom he would not get along with and his mother would act as the buffer between them and he would have a sister.Yes as you might have guessed something mystical would happen and she would be kidnapped which would trigger the hero to find what happened to his sister and his quest to find answers.Yes he would get close to the answer but his journey would be an amazing one and I want you people to enjoy it on your own.The series also concentrates on Scully’s background where she would deal with her own issues and she would also have a sister.Just look out for the episode in which she would lose her sister which would be considered as an dramatic marvel in the show business.Does the incident change her mind about the possibilities of government cover ups?No.

The show also has an amazing cast outside the leads.The gang of four who would have dedicated their life to crack conspiracies or the shady guy who would help Mulder to stay the right course or the annoying boss who wants nothing more than the resignation of Mulder and Scully. Everyone I mentioned would have played their character in a perfect dramatic fashion.Despite all of these characters the shining factors in the show are the leads.

The show also has an amazing music composer who would always set the right tone for the scenes.The dramatic scenes with the perfect music would always give you the chill down your spine(In a good way).It’s so satisfying to listen to the build-up of the music which would then lead to a great scene.This chemistry is hard to achieve but this show would have absolutely nailed it.Sometimes you would even stand up and give an ovation to the artists for their amazing job.Without music greatness cannot be achieved in the entertainment industry.

Just watch this show and you won’t be disappointed.I started to watch this show after I heard my dad raving on and on about it and after watching it I definitely agree with him.You would also agree with me when you see the show.This show has everything for everyone in terms of story,screenplay,music and an amazing cast.Also watch the show if you want to know the meaning of drama.


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