HOUSE M.D-The Dick Head Doctor

They say you should not lie to the doctors as they save your lives or whatever but if you come across the lead of this show please lie your ass off.Yes the lead of the is a colossal dick who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.So what is he doing in the medical field is an amazing question that nobody can answer.However he is good at saving people from incurable and unsolvable diseases.He is not a part of the surgical team but something very different.He would be a master diagnostician with a team of three to solve the hardest of the cases.It’s a medical drama which focuses mainly about the struggles and achievements of the lead.The name of the lead is Dr.Gregory House.

If you think he is a team player who obliges with his peers and takes non risky decisions then you’re terribly mistaken.His team members are just a guinea pigs for his experiments.Sometimes he would go a little too far which would break them but that would be his plan all along.The name of the the members are Cameron,Chase and Foreman who are incredibly brilliant on their own terms and they help House find the tough cases and they would help him solve it.House would push them to a great extent where they would commit some non ethical actions which would make them question their life choices.This would be the case till a point where House would get bored and fire them all at the same time.What happened then?You have to watch the show to know more about it.

There should be someone or something that can control the actions of the doctor.That’s when the only friend of House comes into the picture.His name is Dr. James Wilson and he is the only person who can control the doctor’s antics to some extent.The relationship these two would share is something to behold.These two are the shining example of brotherhood.I am stressing the point because of the greatness it brought to the show.When you watch the show you would agree with me.He would be the head of oncology.Just watch out for these two because the ending would make you shed some tears.

Even with a great mind to save people’s life the doctor was considered to be gigantic dick which would trigger many controversies inside the hospital.This would force the chief to punish House and Wilson.She would rule the hospital with a iron fist and you would give her credit for the way she would handle the doctor.The degree of his antics would have made her save some extra money for situations where they would be sued(Which they would be for many times).She would even call the doctor a ticking time bomb and they are okay with that because of his brilliance.The boss name is Dr Lisa Cuddy. She would have played her part to perfection.The banters between the doctor and her would be something special.So don’t miss them.

I think i have not talked about the lead in detail.So what made him bitter?An accident which would comprise his legs and he would lose the ability to walk properly.This would turn his personality from a all smiling guy into an irascible.This would also start his Vicodin addiction.Yes he would be a doctor with an addiction to pain killers.His bitter attitude towards patients and other people would work against him most of the time.He would be arrested multiple times but that would never change his attitude.This is what i love about him,no matter what others think about him he would not give a shit.He also has a cool catchphrase ‘Everybody Lies’ and in this modern day and time it’s pretty accurate.It would be proved by many characters in the show.

You can learn so many things in the field of medicine from this show.Sometimes you wouldn’t understand what they are talking about but mostly it will be a learning experience.This show is one of the awesome medical drama in the modern era and i thank the writers for this amazing show.Remember the medical team which the doctor would fire?After firing them he would try to hire new people in his own fashion.Just watch those amazing episodes in which the recruits would really try to get hired.It would be like watching a cat fight(Sorry if that sounds insensitive)but it would be really amazing.Grown up people doing funny things for a job,come on that’s a self written comedy script.Anyways just watch this show to learn about some basics in medical and some basics on how to be SWAG.You really won’t be disappointed with this one.


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