No matter how tough the cases are this women knows what to do.Yes it doesn’t matter if you’re the perpetrator or the victim she will save you from whatever you have been accused of and that’s why the title.She is really the advocate that the devil would hire to get himself out Scot-free How to get away with murder(The Devil’s advocate)and I know that the title is a little bit sinister but a perfect way to express the style of the show.The actress who plays the role of the lead is Viola Davis who is best known for her work in Suicide Squad.She teaches the world about feminism through this show in many ways.Her character in the show is really powerful and a little bit dark but she would have pulled it off in a great fashion.This show was produced by Shonda Rhimes and the writers of the show used to work under her guidance and it can be seen clearly in the show.Kudos to Shonda for creating this show and make it revolve around a strong women.

The show also contains some great characters that would get the limelight because of a challenge.What challenge?Every year Viola would put forth a tough case and she would let her students solve it.By the way she would be a law professor and an attorney for hire.She would be good at both of them nurturing some bright young talent and also getting people off a tough situation.If the students solve the case with a valid reason she would pick them up as interns for her company a way to nurture them up close and personal.This would be successful till the start of the show where the chosen four would start to crack under pressure not because of the cases but because of the crime they would commit.

The crime would be so gruesome and dark which would change the path of their career.Before I reveal the crime I want to talk to you people about the screenplay of the show.It’s fucking awesome,the premiere season of the show would showcase the true capabilities of the writers where each and every episode would be really incredible and neatly done.The show also carries out an unusual yet a scintillating screenplay mode in which they would essentially reveal the nature and effect of the crime in a different manner.That means it won’t be plain old stable style of screenplay.They would have induced a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards from the moment of the crime and they would have included a lot twists within them to keep you on the edge of the seat.Hats off to the writers for creating this amazing show with the perfect script and screenplay.They also hired a perfect cast for the roles to give present us with a hell of a show.The unspeakable crime they would commit is…..Oh come on like I would ever reveal that.Watch the show to know for yourself.You will be shocked.

The show has an individual story line apart from the main crime. This would give the writers a chance to show the world the talent of Viola Davis and her eyes for talent.Even after committing a crime the students would try to act all natural which would eventually blow up in their own face (The usual).That’s not all the story.There are a lot of plot and character developments in the show which would never seize to amaze you.The way the kids would escape the punishment from their crime is something to behold.Viola would also have two other characters in her company whom she would have handpicked for certain jobs.One to keep peace in the office by acting as the buffer between her and the kids and the other to do some shady business.She deals with the devil and she has a devil of her own to do some unspeakable and immoral things for the greater good.

The show would also have a character who Viola would have an affair with and it would not pan out well in the end.She would pin some crimes on him which would discredit him and his work.She would also break his heart a million times but he would always have her back.Now that’s true love.We surely can earn something from this man.

Since the show is all about courtroom drama and a thriller the series have a tendency to have some tense courtroom situations which would be really accelerating.The show also contains a lot of sexual scenes. So if you’re uncomfortable with that please don’t watch the show(Who will be?).Just give this show a chance and you won’t be disappointed.


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