SCORPION-The Nest Of Geeks

The show is based on the true life story of a person who claims to be a genius with a IQ of 197 far more greater then Einstein.No one knows the facts on this one but they are so sure that he is lying.So he started a television show to demonstrate his brilliance.How’s that possible you might wonder?It’s because the show revolves around the mental prowess of the world’s top geniuses to solve tough cases to save people’s life.Yes a team.The name of the show is based on the company that Walter runs in real life.When questioned about the reason and thinking that went behind it?He answered with a collective noun.Cyclone of scorpions,when one of them gets attacked everyone storms to defend their colony which reflected his team of geeks so this inspired him to title the company ‘Scorpion’.

The show begins with a scene where Walter would be arrested at a young age and after realizing the intellectual capabilities of the kid the US government would offer him a job where he would have the ability to save the lives of many people.When has that scenario gone right.Yes it would end on a bitter note as the programming he created would be used to bomb innocent civilians rather then saving them from starvation.The guy who gave the kid this job is called as Cabe Gallo.He is a homeland security agent who Walter grew to hate.He would eventually return to the life of Walter and he would offer him and his company a job.Which would officially make Scorpion the last line of defense against complex life threatening problems.At first Walter would be skeptical about Cabe but would accept the job when he understands that people lives are more important then his own ego.

I told you that the scorpion is a team of geniuses with a diverse intellectual background.There are three other members in the team who have high IQ.Sylvester,the mathematical prodigy who is also a human calculator with the ability to solve any complex calculations in mere seconds and he would also have an eidetic memory which would save his life from dangerous cases.He has seriously made me question my mathematical skills.Toby,the medical prodigy who can operate both the human body and the mind.Which he would use to determine people’s behavior to form a character profile.Quinn,the mechanical prodigy who can build and repair anything in the world in minutes and she can come up with lot of ideas to get the team out of any tight situations.So what’s the role of Walter?He would be the leader of this amazing team and he is an expert hacker who can crack any code in minutes.Add Cabe to this roster as he would be the one to handle the government.

I have talked about this in my other article where the people who has high IQ will have a terrible EQ to balance it out.Therefore Walter would be a dick to most of his clients which would mean that his team won’t be popular among the normal crowd.Imagine what it would be like if four people had the same level of EQ. It would be nothing but disaster but that would change when they meet Paige.She would be a waitress in a diner where they would work their firs case.She would handle the team well and would save the world from a disaster.So she will be offered a job to join the scorpions.Her son would also be a genius so it would be a mutual agreement where she would help the team maintain their manners and they would help her understand his son.Even with a low EQ the team would show their emotional side from time to time as the seasons progress.

The success of the show really stems from the script.It’s a separate story line for each episode but it would be tough task to pull off.Why?It’s simply because of the style of the show.They would solve a tough complex case ranging from biological to natural which the writers should script about week in and week out.It also has a lot of side stories that will happen along the way.This is show which would make you feel relaxed and accelerated at the same time.I know it doesn’t make sense but when you watch the show you would understand what I’m talking about.This nature of episodes is tough to create and I personally thank the writers for creating the show in this fashion.

The show has a neat script which would be helped in it’s creation by the real life Walter.In what way?He would himself in a tough scenario which he has to escape from and his ideas would be incorporated in the show.Kudos to the writers for creating this amazing show.The actors would have played their role to perfection and when you see the show you could see the level of their dedication to their characters as it is derived from a real life story.Sometimes you would like a moron but most of the times you will learn a lot of cool stuff.Just watch this show and you won’t be disappointed.



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