BLINDSPOT-The Toddler With Tattoos

She would rise from the ashes to avenge her loss.To achieve that she has to be born again.What?That doesn’t sound right.I was speaking metaphorically.What i mean is that she has to leave everything and everyone behind to achieve her goals.Even if it means forgetting about the past permanently.Would you accept this scenario personally if it would help the cause that you’re chasing.I know i wouldn’t but that’s the decision that the lead of the show would take with a sane mind.To put into the context i’m going to explain her backstory.Buckle up it’s gonna be a thrill ride.

It would begin with the betrayal that she would face from her own country.Yes she would be a marine and they would try to kill her and her entire unit to tie up loose ends which is just one of the many things that would force her to hate america.Therefore she would join a terrorist organisation and they would start to plan on how to destroy america from the inside.How and why are just a few question you would have right now but watch the show to know the answers.You won’t be disappointed.

When i meant she should be born again i was just talking about the memory wiping process she wold go through.Do you see the tattoos on her body or her skin within those tattoos?It would be a parting gift for the FBI from the terrorist organisation.Please imagine yourself in her shoes to be put in a body bag with your whole body covered in tattoos and your memory wiped with half of FBI trying to understand who you are in their fashion(Panicking and doing everything in the wrong way).I know it’s a scary thought but the first ten minutes of the show would be really intense where the FBI would try to make heads or tails with her(Jane Doe).The FBI are not known for their creative thinking in naming their victims.She is not the only mystery,the tattoos would also give chills to the agents as it would be everywhere except the face.I mean everywhere and it would be really awkward when they would map her whole body for the tattoos.Shame on you FBI you’re better then this but anyways trying to understand her history would be really tough for the agency.

Soon they would understand that the tattoos on her body was not for aesthetics.It would contain clues and way points to some dangerous criminals and organisations that the FBI won’t know about.I know it sounds similar to the blacklist but it would be entirely different just because of their style of execution in every episodes.Even helping the FBI to solve the case she won’t be trusted by the agency.Sometimes even after you lose your memory somethings won’t be forgotten which is termed as the muscle memory.That’s where my favourite scene in the show stems from,the FBI would be solving a tattoo case with the help of Jane and at the same time an agent would discover the hidden meaning of a tattoo which would reveal that Jane was a marine and at that same time she would kick an enemy’s ass with her fighting skills.That scene gave me goosebumps and i promise it would excite you too.So just give the pilot of the show a chance and you would understand what i’m trying to say.

The show is not all about Jane.That’s a lie but i would talk about the entire cast to give you people the whole picture.First it’s Kurt Weller he would be assigned to handle the case because of one reason.His name would be tattooed on Jane’s back and therefore Kurt and his team would help her find who she is and at the same time solving cases.Every episode would have a separate story line and a continuous story arc which would be made sense of in the finale.There would three other members in the team.I want you to watch the show to see what’s so great about them as i can’t comprehend in a single sentence or a paragraph.The quality of the episodes are also really high and i therefore i thank the writers for creating this wonderful show.

It might seem like a good idea at first but it would definitely haunt us in the end.Sounds like everything in life but i’m just talking about the memory wiping process.I mean that’s just stupid.Who would even come up with that idea?Jane.That’s unfortunate as this would be the dumbest decision she would have ever made in her life.Yes as the season progress it would be revealed that she was a cunning strategist for the terrorist organisation.After the process she would become a dumb broad who would be easily manipulated by many people(I know it’s insensitive)but that’s the bitter truth.It would make you wonder if the decision she took was the right one since both the agency and the terrorist organisation would suffer because of her actions.

Just watch the show.It has a great story line with a racing screenplay with perfect amounts of twists and turns to keep you in the edge of your seat.The cast would also have played their part to perfection.The show has everything for every type of audience.I promise that the show would definitely live up to it’s expectation.


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