BATES MOTEL-The Psychotic Little Kid

I assume everyone knows about Alfred Hitchcock.If not just google him to know what he has achieved.He is hailed to be the godfather in fiction.He also has done several research to get to the root of the criminals mind.The psychological effect they endured which turned them into killers.This show is a direct derivative from the film ‘Psycho’ where Hitchcock would have gone in depths to show the world how killers are made.This show is a prequel which goes even deeper to understand the mind of a psychotic killer.I know you’re intrigued as well.So let’s check out the life of Norman Bates and his transformation into a killer.

The show begins with the Norman family moving into their new home which includes a motel.Hence the name.They would move into their new after their dad passed away and his mother wanted to have a fresh start but as we know it’s not gonna end well.The pilot of the show would be nice and warm where they would enjoy the comfort of the new home and happy about the motel being a great business opportunity.That’s until the previous owner of the house comes knocking.Yes he would be furious over losing the house and he would assault the mother of the lead.This is the moment where the hero would start to be a psycho.He would defend his mother by hitting the guy and then she would kill him.If she was a perfect citizen she should have called the police instead she would try to make the body go missing with the help of her son.She should get the mom of the year award for setting a great example that her son can follow.

Norman would be suffering from a mental disorder which would affect his grasp on reality and sometimes he would imagine a memory of his mom asking him commit crimes.Since this would happen to him at a young age his mom would assume he is just a kid going through a phase until it’s too late.The crime they would commit together would just the first of many to come.It would take sometime for Norman to accept his dark side.Until that point he would be a good son,a great brother and a well mannered citizen.Brother?Yes Norman would have a older brother who was also the reason why they had to move to a new place.He would be a drifter with no job prospects and the passion towards anything.He won’t provide for his family and he would constantly annoy his mom and set a bad example for his mother.This would like adding fuel to fire where Norman would feel the change because of his family.

Norman would know that something his happening to him and he would try to fight them but if we have the ability to fight our demons we would be in a better place.After a tough battle the demon would take over him.He would then be a serial killer killing people who comes to stay at the motel.This show doesn’t go that for,it just shows the way that serial killers are made and a way to stop them.This what his mom would try but it would all go in vain since it would be too late.This is a case where the society can’t be blamed.It’s all because of his mother and her style of parenting.It’s an awful way.Just awful.If you’re interested to know what happened to Norman when he grew up i suggest you to watch the Hitchcock film.A great film and you will be thoroughly entertained.

Just give this show a shot and you won’t be disappointed.There are lot of plot twists and amazing thrill sequences to keep you wondering what’s gonna happen next and in the end you would be amazed.The writers and the actors would have done a great job by capturing the magic of Hitchcock to make this show a huge success.


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