SCANDAL-The Advent Arbitrators

Arbitrators are people who are hired to solve a dispute between two parties.The lead of the show is an expert in that criteria.She is the fixer who has the talent to fix anything.Yes she has the talent to fix any situation for anyone even if they are the victim or the perpetrator.The lead of the show is a women and her name is Olivia Pope.Thanks to Shonda the lead is again an empowered women character in the show business.The show also contains a lot of women characters who would have played their characters to a perfection.So let’s talk in depth about the plot of this amazing show.

Olivia Pope is a women with many talents and she would use that talent to land a job in crisis management.She would land her first job as a campaign manager for a presidential candidate.His campaign would have been lost long gone and she would take the drivers seat and she would save everyone from a impending doom.That’s what you would thing but that’s when the title of the show would come in to the frame.They would commit a crime that would haunt everyone in the future.Election fraud where they would make their republican candidate win the election.(It might seem they predicted the future but it’s just a mere coincidence).

The things Olivia would do are not something that can be done by a single person.No matter how brilliant they are,to pull off success she needs a crew and she has a crew.The crew that is there not for the money or the thrills but for loyalty.She would earn their loyalty by fixing them.She has a tremendous talent in fixing people as well as situations.There are four crew members and i would give an example for one such incident to give you people a clear picture.The guy would be a veteran who would tricked into joining the CIA and when betrayed he would lose his family and friends and he would live on the streets but Olivia would find him and she would help him get back on his feet and this purpose would be a driving factor in his life.

The show not only has the election result as the scandal.Remember when i said that Olivia would save the campaign highhandedly,this would also ignite the flames between the future president who would be a family man and her which would become a huge scandal in the future.Their love story is one for the history books as they would really tough times to be together.Not just because of their own personal issues but also because of the fact that he would be the president.Sometimes he would forget that to go be with her but his wife would find out and this would start a feud between the two women which would be your regular girl fight.This would be professional game of chess that would be played in the real life.Who would win?You have to see the show to find out for yourself.

The show has an amazing head writer in the form of Shonda Rhimes,her way of story telling is really unique.The cast would have also played their roles to perfection.Watch this show as it offers an awesome script with incredible twists and turns that would always keep you guessing and since it’s a political thriller you can learn about the keen antics the politicians follow and it has a great story line.You would not be bored at any point in the show and this show is one of the classics in the modern era.Please give this show a chance and you won’t be disappointed.


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