ONE TREE HILL-The Tutelage In Television

The show which acted as my personal tutor guiding me through a lot of confusing times.Not just in one topic but in many this show is considered to be the tutelage in television.What’s so amazing about this show?Everything from the cast to the story everyone would have done their job to perfection to make this one of the classics.The base of the show is all about the emotional struggle between two brothers who would have the same dad but different moms.One who would have a family and all the riches because of his dad and the other would struggle to get through life.These both would fight a lot for no reason but it would all change through the course of the seasons.What are you going to learn from that?First you would learn all about maturity.This show taught me what to say in right moments and when not to speak.I say this because i see immature people everyday in their 20’s and i want it to stop.So watch this show and learn how to be matured.

This show has more to offer then a life lesson.It has it’s own story line with lot of emotions where villains would become heroes and heroes would become villains as the story progress but one guy would be the main villain through out the show and that’s the dad.His name is Dan Scott and he would be a colossal dick to everyone around him which would alienate everyone and he would be left alone but in the end it would change.The writers would have done a great job in creating his story arc.My favorite character in the show is Keith Scott,yes he is related to Dan and he would be the step father for one of the brothers.He would be the wisest one guiding his family through a tough time and also protecting them from danger.He would be on the verge of making his stepson into a man but he is human being and he would have many faults on his own which would cost him his life.I’m still sad about his death in the show but i moved on as there was many more characters to root for and hope they go all the way.They would.

The name of the two brothers are Nathan and Lucas.The first is the rich spoiled brat who thinks he deserves his last name and the second would be the wisest.Keith would have rubbed off his intellect on his boy which would make him the best character in the show.The show majorly takes place in their high school period.Removing the unnecessary dramas they would face some life challenging problems.The way the different characters handle would give you a perfect perspective on life.

The show has three leading ladies who would have their own significant impact on the show.Their names are Haley,Brooke and Peyton. My favorite is Peyton but it might differ from people to people.The show would not just have them for showing off but to have a great impact on the story line.At first the brothers would have a love interest intertwined with the other.That just means the one for them would be close to the other which would cause a lot of trouble for everyone.In the end they would find their right half and it would be a perfect happy ending.Brooke would have also played her part to their perfection.

One other thing i learned from the show is the fact on how to have ambitions and how to chase them.Both the brothers would have an aim to be a great basketball player and to join the NBA.As i said they both will patch up and be good brothers and the reason for that is in the show.Watch to know more.So where were we,yes ambitions of the brothers would push each other to their limits and it would bring the best in them but it’s not a fairy tale.One of the two would have a genetic heart disease which would make them useless as an athlete robbing them of their dream.I’m not gonna say who it robbed that’s for you to find out.The other would reach his dream and he would play for the both of them.The episodes where he would try to be the best in the team would give you chills.

I’m not even half done talking about the show.There are still a lot of great moments in the show that i have not talked about but consider those a pleasant surprise which you would feel when you watch it.Don’t miss this one as it is really the tutor in television and you won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “ONE TREE HILL-The Tutelage In Television

  1. I really enjoyed watching One Tree Hill and was left empty once I had finished it! It explored many important themes. I just made a post on my Top 10 characters and I had to put Brooke Davis on there as her development was done so well.


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