ARROW-The Prolific Marksmen

The magnifque marksmen whose shot never misses the target regardless of what or whom it is as he is hailed to be the greatest of the modern times.He has not missed a sot ,not even once.His talents are not because of mutations or serums created just for him or it’s not destiny that made him a super hero.It was all because of his workout regime(It doesn’t mean having a gym membership would suffice).It’s something that we cannot achieve but we will keep on trying.Sometimes it’s not only about the strong physique that makes a great superhero.They also need to have a strong mental strength.The great example would be Batman.Arrow would just follow him to be known as the strongest superhero both mentally and physically.

The Arrow’s real name is Oliver Queen who would be a billionaire play boy before a tragic accident would change his personality.Through out the show his name would be helpful and destructive but he would motor through it to even become the mayor of the city.Yes,Starling city the fictional city where crime rate would be really high and after failing to save the city he would become the mayor to be save it during the day and also saving it in the night as the Green Arrow.He would be gone for five years and the story arc would also cover his time in the island.That’s where Oliver would learn and train to be the best.It would depict the struggles he would face in order to escape the island and the things that would unravel after he would escape.

Arrow was created by DC comics and it was a huge success.I know i don’t have to say that since it’s a well known information but i know some people who doesn’t know anything about DC/MARVEL.After the success with the fans they made his character come alive in anime.It would have an awesome story arc and sometimes great cameos of him in the city of Gotham to help the bat.Let me tell you,those scenes are fucking amazing.In the comics Batman and Oliver have mutual respect for each other and the anime would have captured their chemistry to perfection.DC fans don’t miss out on that scenes as they are filled with goosebumps.

The backstory of Oliver Queen is really different from that of Batman.Again most people call it a plagiarism or that they took the batman story and made it less interesting but everyone of them is wrong as it’s one of the cool and awesome backstories for a superhero.He would be a rich spoiled brat who would do nothing but party and sleep with all the women and one day when he would go on a boating trip,where everything would go wrong and he would lose his father.He would promise to make the city a lot better when he gets back and he would do that in his own style.I’m just making it sound normal but when you watch the show it would be really entertaining.

The main success of the show is the variation in villains that Oliver would face during the course of the show.My favorite is Deathstroke from the second season who would make the hero’s life a living hell and the struggle he would face to defeat him would give chills to everyone.He is not the only villain though,the show has individual story line for every episode and a overlying story arc for a season and Arrow would face new enemies everyday and he would defeat them all in his style.Shooting arrows doesn’t sound like an awesome style but when you see it you will change your mind.

Every hero needs a sidekick or a crew to rely upon for their success.They might say they like to do things on their own as they are loners who only wants to distance themselves from reality but that’s ineffective.Everyone needs someone who they can rely upon and Oliver would have an amazing crew who would help him be at the best of his game no matter the case.I’m not gonna talk about everyone because i don’t want to rob you the joy of finding out how cool they are on your own.Yes you would thank me when you see the show.

So what to expect?The main plot of the show would revolve around Starling City.Oliver would try to clean up the city while facing many personal and professional issues.The screenplay would be in the form of past and present,where the past would give us a clear idea on the time he was gone.Sometimes both would overlap in the form of old villains or rarely a friend.The major con of the show is the screenplay.Some people who not have issues with it but to me after a point it would get stagnant and it would serve no purpose to the story but don’t get detached as this show makes up for it with a lot of other cool things.

Just watch this show and you would understand what i’m trying to say.This show is one of the few shows that DC has successfully created and it is well received by the fans.It has a great story line,screenplay(Mostly great) and a perfect cast who would have done their job to perfection.Enemies,action sequences and heartbreaks are just a few reasons to watch this show.Give this show a chance and you won’t be disappointed.


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