DAREDEVIL-The Deleterious Devil

The show created the myth of people gaining incredible senses when they lose one of their senses and you might have heard people spreading this rumor that when you go blind or deaf you would become a superhero.That notion is absolutely outrageous.They are just blabbering something that they might have heard once in a fake newspaper or they might have seen the film with this same title in the same franchise.Yes the movie which gave a bad name to the Marvel comics and to everyone acted in the movie.It all changed when this show got released.This show is fucking amazing.It successfully revitalized the franchise and i’m really happy.Sorry for the fanboy moment but i was merely stating the fact.This show has everything for everyone ranging from a perfect story line to astonishing action sequences.You would give a standing ovation after you watch a thrilling action sequence in the show.They got plenty of them that you would really enjoy.Just watch them and be amazed.

So let’s talk about the devil himself,Matt Murdock is the name of the devil and he would be a lawyer.That’s a coincidence.He would actually start his own company to save the poor people with his friend.It would not be an instant success but it’s getting there but that’s just his day job.At night he becomes the devil and he would kick ass.Bad guys,just run for your life because if he catches you then you would really sorry.I know you might wonder about how he got his powers.It’s simple he would become blind from an accident which would increase all his other senses so he knows what’s happening around him better then you know about your surroundings.It doesn’t make him a superhero automatically but throw in a hard training regime and a tough mentor you got yourself the most powerful super hero in the show business.His mentor would return to meet his disciple in the first season,just look out for that episode.

The first season covers the corruption in hell’s kitchen and the heroes struggle to eradicate them by becoming the devil.He would not win every battles that he would face.He would lose some and because of that he would be severely injured but that wouldn’t stop him from helping the people.Being a superhero is not all about putting on a costume and defeating the bad guys.It would all happen eventually and in the mean time he should have a challenge.It’s like batman having joker or riddler to always keep him mentally acute or bane to keep him physically acute.For the devil it is the kingpin himself,yes the guy who likes to be in control.There are lot of amazing scenes in the first season to show of his cruel intentions for the city and the lengths he would go to achieve those goals.Remember i told you that the hero would lose some battles but he would win the war.The first season would end with kingpin behind bars.He would wear the superhero costume only after he saves the city.Now that’s the type of hero we need in our real life.

The second season would really tune up the style of the show with the introduction of the famous villain called the punisher. He would be the MVP of the season with this amazing acting skills.The character is really dark and no one could have played the role better than Jon Bernthal. Please just look out for him as he would steal the show.His acting skills would have been put to test with some really dark scenes but he would have nailed them with ease.The backstory of the punisher is something to behold as he would be fed up with the crime in the city and he would take matters into his own hands.He would the criminals down permanently.This would spark a fight of ideals between the devil and him and the scene where the two would first meet is too good of a scene that you would cherish.So just watch it.Who would win the war of ideals?Watch the show to know more.The second season also introduced us to the energetic and lovely Elektra. I’m not gonna say anything about her because i want you enjoy the awesome feeling that i had when i watched the show.

The success of the show lies in two aspects.As i said the hero would fighting crimes in two fronts and they would nailed the scenes on both the fronts to perfection.Whether it was the fight scenes or the courtroom scenes,they would give you chills.Kudos to the writers and the actors for making this show come alive as it is one of my favorite shows and i promise if you watch this you would also become a fan.There is a specialty in the show and that is shooting an action sequence in a single shot and it would be present in both the seasons and i know you are wondering what it means.When you watch the show you would understand it and you would be pleasantly surprised.

One of the best thing about the show is the cinematography.They would have shown the best of Hell’s kitchen and the worst of it and also the action sequences would have been shot with a perfect dim setting which would really set the tone for the show.The show is also successful in music giving a rich background for the show and it would carry the show which is always a good thing.Story,screenplay and the cast would all be perfect making the show con less and it also the perfect show to binge watch.So what are you waiting for,Stream the show and watch it and as always you won’t be disappointed.


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