JESSICA JONES-The Impertinent Investigator

This show is the best example for every writer on the planet on how to write a script comprising of many dark topics.I know i have talked about many other shows having some dark content but this is the father of all dark content.Topics like rape,PTSD and assault are some tough concepts to be covered in a television show especially with a super hero subject but this show would have portrayed them to the general audience in a comfortable way.That’s solely thanks to the lead of the show.She became one of my favorite actress after i watched this show.She would have done an amazing job.Just watch the show and you would agree with me.So let’s talk about the greatness that this show achieved with the people and critics just in it’s first season.

The name of the lead is the name of the show and her profession is well..She likes to..Ummm..Alright she is good at one thing and that is investigating cases in her own style and she would be really good at it.She would also have super human powers but the story of how she acquired them would be fishy.They would dive into that story arc soon and i’m waiting for the second season.I have confident in the writers and i know they would make it awesome as the first one.So if this is not the plot of the first season then what is?That’s where David Tennant comes into the picture.His character’s name in the show is called Kilgrave. He is also someone who gets immersed with his character and would always give an astonishing performance.I’m a fan of David and i feel proud to say that.Just watch this show and you would become a fan of him too.He is that good.

The show begins with Jessica trying to solve some cases to make some money to meet her ends and one day she would stumble upon a missing persons case which would open her old wounds.This would be a deliberate plan by the villain to let her know that he is back in her life.This would stir up some old memories which would make her feel unease but she would keep on investigating and discover the plans he made for her.I’m sorry if this is out of context and you don’t understand.I would make it all clear.The power that the villain would possess is indoctrination.That’s not a fancy name for mind control.It’s entirely different.

If you are mind controlled by someone you wouldn’t know the deeds you would commit but if you’re indoctrinated you would know and feel what you do but you can’t do shit about it.That’s the most cruel crime that anyone can commit.Imagine you have been told to kill someone which you don’t want to commit but there would be a voice in the back of your mind whispering kill,kill!!!That’s the cruelty that Jessica would face till one day where she would get out of Kilgrave’s control and that would be a turning point in the show.This is when she would get out of his control permanently.

The show also has an amazing cast who brings importance to the progression of the story.One such character is Patricia.A friend of Jessica who would be the only one to know about her powers.She would be the one to push her to save peoples life but Jessica would distance herself from her after the traumatic incident to protect her.She would turn to her friend after her investigation into Kilgrave but Patricia would do something dangerous.She would aggravate him in live radio for which he would send a cop to kill her.Jessica would save her and they both would plan to take down Kilgrave together.Would they do it?Yes that would be the finale of the show and cornerstone of this masterpiece.

The cop who tried to kill Patricia would recover from Kilgrave’s control and he would swear to kill him and this would turn him mad.Yes he would make his priority to track him down and kill him.Will he do it?There is a fucking awesome fight sequence involving him and i want you to enjoy it on your own.There are still lot of amazing scenes in the show which i have not covered and the reason is because they are too good.Please watch it and then you would really appreciate it and i know for sure that you would.

Listen to me all DC fans,you might cherish your all right movies and your okay TV shows but you can’t hold a candle to this one as the shows content is miles ahead of what you can even imagine.Yes i’m a MARVEL fan but that statement is not biased.I have heard DC fans talking shit about this show if you can’t appreciate the show for it’s greatness then you are not a true fan of anything.I hope DC would change after watching this show.MARVEL knows how to handle a light themed script and they know how to turn it up a notch.Please learn from them and make your future endeavors the best DC.Neutral fans you would absolutely love this show.

The show offers everything for everyone.Even with a dark noir tone the show would make you comfortable enough to watch it.The show also got a perfect screenplay and an awesome story line to keep you on the edge of your seats.The show also excels in cinematography to always make you feel that you were there when something important happened in the show.Just give the show a chance as this is the best super hero show in a long time and again you won’t be disappointed.


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