MARVEL AGENTS OF SHIELD-Marvelous Operators In The World

The crew which was organized after the events of the first avengers movie to shield the world from bad guys and aliens.It was planned to be lead by wait for it…I know everyone would have seen the film avengers if not go watch it as it’s an awesome movie.Phil Coulson,the guy who dies in the film would become the lead of this team.What?Yes he would be brought back to life by shield.How did they pull off is just a part of the first seasons plot.Just watch the show to be amazed when they reveal the secret.It would be a great scene.

The show begins with Phil trying to recruit people for his team.Their job is to protect the world from enhanced individuals.Their team would consist two nerds(Scientists),a strong independent women(Who kicks ass),a questionable guy(Who would betray them in the end) and a women who would be arrested for hacking but they would give her a position in the team.Sounds fishy right?It’s because she would have a connection with Coulson from her childhood which would become a great plot twist in the show.The team would take on some tough cases and they would face a uphill battle in handling the enhanced people.It will all change in the end of the season.

Let me tell you why the marvel cinematic universe is miles ahead of DC.One word is enough and that word would be connections.They know how to connect a variety of complicated stories to make it simple and they do it with perfection.Whether a DC fan or not you will admit that the MARVEL cinematic universe is miles ahead of the race.One example regarding the connections that i can give is after the movie captain america 2,shield would collapse because it would be infiltrated by hydra.The show would continue from that point and it would be absolutely great.If DC follows that it would be amazing too.Let’s hope they change their ways.

Remember i told you about a guy who would betray the team.He would be trained by the sleeper agents of hydra and his job would be to know more about Phil’s revival.After the collapse of shield Nick Fury would do a cameo in the show just to make Phil the head of shield.From that point Phil would call the shots and he would be a real good leader.Even in darker times he would shed light to the agency.Shield would be a rogue agency which would aggravate the US government.They would decide to take on the agency head on but it will all change when they would face a common enemy.I’m not gonna say who.Watch the show to know more.

In-humans,they are just a race of people who would be created after an accident.I won’t go in details talking about the accident but all you have to know is that they have super human powers.This would threaten the peace.Therefore shield would try to contain the situation and they would do a great job at it but nothing is that easy.There would be an old artifact in shield which would have the capability to transport people to another planet and a shield agent would get transported accidentally.She would find a dark secret about that planet which would be the best twist you would ever see in the show business.The way they would rescue the agent and also the method they would implement to find the dark secret is also something to behold.

The show has some great villains and some amazing fight sequences which would always excite and amaze you.The show also has a great story line and the best screenplay which would build a great foundation for the show.The show would also have some great spy sequences.Yes having the word agent in the name and screwing up the spy part would be disastrous but thank goodness that’s not the case.They would nailed the spying part of the show.

The fourth season of the show introduced a special character.What’s his name?I forgot.I would just list out what i know about him and then you guess his name,he likes to burn himself(literally),he has a penance stare,he has a special vehicle that would also burn with him and he would have a skull face.You guys would have guessed the name and his part in the show would be better then the films.That’s just one of the reason to give this show a chance.As always watch the show to be amazed and you won’t be disappointed.


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