GOTHAM-A Devout Detective

When the times are dark and the streets are rough,a young man would decide to take on justice by wearing a bat suit and beat the criminals unconscious to protect his city.Before he arrived the city was protected by one guy.Even with corruption running through the police academy he was the good egg among the crowd.He chose to be good and he followed it through out is career.The name of this amazing guy is James Gordon.The real hero of Gotham who protected the city from small time crooks to some dangerous criminals while facing some heavy resistance from the corrupted cops to the paid government officials.He would overcome every challenges thrown at him because of his talent.

The show begins with Gordon joining the GCPD with a lot of warnings from his surroundings to turn down the job.It wouldn’t deter the man.He would be partnered up with a crooked cop,yes i know it’s cliche.Personally i think somethings are called cliche because they worked very well for various different shows.If the writers do a great job you won’t notice the cliche.Thanks to them this show would not have a cliche.Not only he would join into a corrupt police force his first case would also be a real tough one.The murder of the Wayne’s.The pilot would be an amazing one where the first sequence would be their demise.I’m sorry if i sound morbid but that scene would have been portrayed in a perfect way.Everything from the boys tears and the screams the scene would have captured the tragedy in a great way.

That moment would give us an emotionally fragile Bruce Wayne who would want nothing but justice for his parents and he would be ready to get it by any means necessary.His eyes would be sparked up with vengeance and only the killers identity would put him to rest.Even with the roller coaster ride of emotions all he needed was a shoulder to cry on.Jim would offer his shoulder and also his ear to listen to the boys speech.He would console Wayne by putting his coat over him and letting him know that everything is gonna be fine.This would form a unspoken bond which the bat would use in the future as he knows that Jim is the only one who can be trusted.

Jim would try to fulfill his promise by finding the killer but as we know Gotham is a corrupt city and they would distract the cops with a fake suspect.You know,a patsy to take the blame.This would not stop James as he would keep on persisting further and further to know the truth.Would he?You have to see the show to know more.I know i talked about the challenges Gordon would face but i didn’t talk about them specifically.In the first season he would face a single person.The women with lot of ambition who would want nothing but entire control of the city.One problem she would face is her boss.Don Falcone the guy who controls the city with an iron fist,he also doesn’t like traitors.She would also face trouble within her own organisation,a weird guy wanting to be the king.He would walk funny like a penguin.So he would be named that.No matter the name he would have a cunning plan to take over his boss.Her name would be fish.I don’t know why they have their names after animals but that’s not the point.In the midst of all this Gordon would be a cop,a good cop who wants nothing but the truth.His struggle through all this chaos would move you.

I know it’s exhausting but that’s just the first season.The second season just gets even crazier.A lot crazier as it introduces all the villains we know and love.From Mr.Freeze to the guy who would act as an inspiration to Joker.You saw that right the guy who would be the inspiration to Joker.His solo performance in the show would make you stand up and clap.I promise you would also do that.Just watch his development for a pleasant surprise.There are lot of other things that would happen in the second season and you would think Gordon would have someone to turn too and you would think Barbara.She would turn into a complete psychopath.Sorry to dump that sensitive information just like that but that would be the case.This would push Jim into the hands of an another women.Personally i thought she was crazier then Barbara.Really crazy.Jim wouldn’t catch a break.Watch the show and you would know what i’m talking about.

The show also has the story arc of Bruce Wayne.Sometimes he would be overcome with vengeance and that’s when Alfred would come into the picture.He would mentor the young Wayne both physically and mentally.The show would also have covered the intellectual part of Wayne.You know his investigating skills.Batman is hailed to be a world class detective which the movies have failed to portray perfectly.Not on this show.I have not even talked about half of the show yet.There are lot more interesting subjects in the show and i want you to find it out for yourself.

The people of the world is divide on two fronts about this show.

1.They absolutely fucking love this show.

2.They fucking hate it.

I for one personally love this show.I don’t why people criticize the show.This show has everything.From a perfect script to stunning visuals and having a great cast playing their part to perfection in a well drafted screenplay.It also has a variety of villains to an astonishing plot.As a MARVEL fan i’m telling you to watch this show.It’s close to my heart and i would always cherish the greatness of the show.Just watch the show to see the potential of DC and i promise you it will be satisfying.


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