AMERICAN DAD-The Scintillating Smiths

This show also possess the same amount of controversial jokes as ‘The Family Guy’ because this show was created by the same guy.Seth Macfarlane,if i started to talk about him it will go on and on.So i would dedicate a paragraph about him in the end.The show has a uniqueness in terms of it’s characters,story and screenplay with a sprinkle of Seth style jokes.(Well more then a sprinkle).Seth voices two characters in the show,the main character and the alien.I know it’s a weird roster in terms of the cast but it’s an efficient one.There is also a golden fish.The fish doesn’t speak that would be madness.Stan Smith,the lead of the show and a caring family man who works in the CIA would take the brain of a German athlete and put in the fish’s brain.Now it should make sense.If it still doesn’t make any sense just watch the show to have fun and you would automatically get use to the fish.

The show was developed as a secondary project to Family Guy.When Family Guy was cancelled Seth dedicated his time and energy to make this show the next big thing.To his luck Family Guy was revived and this show also kept on going strong.15 seasons of family guy and 14 seasons of american dad Seth has made his impact on the world.I extensively talk about Family Guy because of one reason,After Family Guy was revived Seth concentrated on that show as he didn’t understand the identity of American Dad but as the seasons progressed the show got a unique identity and a specific style which made Seth understand the show and he started to pay more attention to the show.The writers should be thanked for their efforts in proving the world wrong and American Dad didn’t rip off Family Guy.So kudos people you have done a fantastic job.

The success of the show lies within the story.Not a progressive one but a fun one.It revolves around the lead of the show.Stan Smith,a conservative,a devoted husband,a caring father and an amazing agent.Who am i kidding?He is a fucking moron who would prove it week after week.You might think won’t the story get stagnant.That’s why there are other characters and a different script for each episode.The show also makes fun of the current events and pop culture to always keep it fresh.Huge credit to the voice actors for doing a great job.

What can you expect from the Smiths?You got the stupid dad and a idiot mother(Francine Smith).I know that it’s not a good start and it’s gonna be that way.A hopeful kid,Steve Smith who dreams of losing his virginity and just that(Aren’t we all).The one and only bright in the family is their daughter,Haley who would be a liberal which would spark a lot of fights between Stan and her which would always repel her from the family.I don’t have to spell out what that means.There is the German fish and an alien.Just listing out the cast makes me laugh.It’s because the show has a lot of jokes executed in various styles.It would range from sarcastic to Seth jokes and also some physical comedy.This makes it a complete show.So don’t miss it.

I know you might wonder what’s the deal with the alien?I did too but they would explain with it a backstory.The name of the alien is Roger and he would escape area 51 where he would meet Stan and he would save his life and to repay him Stan would accept him in the house.What a shit decision that would turn out to be.They would be constantly bickering,fighting over everything but it would all change in a single episode.Don’t miss that as it would be a laughing riot.The writers would get a lot of freedom with a character like Roger to explore various possibilities of content for him and they would have done exactly that to find out what would work with his character.Any scenario or joke executed with Roger would be a definite success.I know i didn’t talk about the fish.I’m just holding back by excitement because i want you to experience his antics on your own.

Now it’s time to talk about Seth.Personally he is my role model,a man who can define the entire entertainment industry with his name alone.He is wait for it….Hold your breath..He is a writer,director,producer,singer,voice actor and a novelist.He became a millionaire at the age of 24.He has a great sense of humor.He is a geek who absolutely loves science.He revitalized the show Cosmos as he was a advent follower of Carl Sagen. He has also worked in cartoon network for their shows like Johnny Bravo.He has released several albums and writes novel in his free time.Oh one more he has given voice to more then 680 characters.Yes 680.You can release your breath now.Also he is an atheist and a guy who likes to have his freedom.

Just give this show a chance and you won’t be disappointed as it contains a lot of fun things to explore.This show does not require binge watching.So watch it in your own pace.I promise you that you will be having a blast with this show.Don’t miss it.


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