WESTWORLD-The Delusional Theme Park

Everyone likes to spend some time at a theme park,where there would be fun filled rides and they also get to spend some time with their family but this theme park is a little bit different.It has something far more advanced and complex.This show was a derivative from the film of the same name.This show was revitalized by one of the famous writer in the show business.Yes,Jonathan Nolan the guy who has a special skill in writing.He just knows how to tell a story.This story is a complex one but Nolan is the only one who can simplify the story.I would also try to explain the greatness of the show in a simple way.I can’t promise anything but let’s get to it shall we?

The theme of the park is to entertain the people who visits the park.They are called as ‘Guests’ who would pay to have a great experience in the park.What’s the theme of the park?It’s simple.To give the guests a experience into the world of the west.To make it more simple,they would have the freedom to be a cowboy.Riding horses,picking up their gun in style and obviously making love to women of the west.These are all possible because of one thing.They are called as ‘Hosts’.They would make up the most of this world and the things that the guests would do won’t matter as they are just androids.Are you shocked?If you are then don’t be as there is lot to come and If not then the same.

Now let’s talk about the story,

I’m not talking about the show.I’m talking about the story within the story.This is not a reference to Inception it’s just the style of the show.The park is not a self running one.It would be maintained by a group of geniuses who would program the entire script of the park.The story would vary with the decisions that the guest could take,If you’re a gamer you might have heard about a game called Mass Effect.That game gives you a varied story with all the decisions that you can take that would change the course of the story.That level of intricacy and intensity would be given to the story by the programmers.So the guests would always come back more.Not only that the hosts would always play a varied role within their world.Sometimes they would be the barkeep or sometimes they would be the sheriff and it would be like an upgrade.

As we all know the robot uprising is imminent and it’s not good to have whole park of them but that’s not all the excitement that you can expect from the show.I have just simplified the plot of the show.In the pilot of the show there would be an upgrade which would be given to the hosts.This would trigger a awkward situation where the hosts would start to go out of script and they would threaten the lives of the guests which would make them pull back the hosts to repair them and they would put them back to service.Would it be a good idea?Watch the show to know more.

There is one guy who you must absolutely look out for,Sir Anthony Hopkins.He won a Oscar for portraying the role of Hannibal in the film ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.He has a immense skills in acting and he would always amaze you with his performance.He would have a commanding presence in the screen and he would always steal the show.He would play the leader of the park who would initiate the upgrade for the hosts.His style of acting impressed me personally and i’m damn sure it would impress you as well.There would be a security who would help keep the hosts in control and also keep the guest safe.

This show talks a lot about how people misunderstood religion and it also helps atheists prove their points.There is no god,everything in the world and your experience in this world is all a simulation that is controlled by someone from a higher dimension with a better control of their surroundings who runs everything in our world.After you watch the show it would always make you think about your life and your value in it.It’s a good thing.It would challenge you to do more with your life.

This show as a lot to offer with it’s incredible story line and an amazing screenplay and a great cast to compliment the show.Everything is perfect with this show and it would always astonish you with it’s style.It would also make you think a lot.It would always make you guess and sometimes you might get it wrong and don’t feel bad because i made some wrong guesses too.Watch this show and you won’t be disappointed.


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