CHANDLER BING-The King Of Sarcasm

Yesterday marked the end of the first season in this blog where i talked about the various TV shows that i have watched.Not to worry because from today i’m starting a new series where i talk about the interesting characters to look out for in the shows that i have already talked about.I’m going to go in a chronological order as i did for the shows where i’m going to talk about their role in the show and their impact on society.I will also talk about their best episodes to their catch phrases and obviously the reason to love them.Today i’m going to talk about my favorite character in one my favorite sitcoms.Yes it’s Chandler Bing from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ and he is really the king of sarcasm.

What is sarcasm?

It’s a type of comedy in which you say something but it means the complete opposite.Like saying what a great day!!when you have the fucking worst day in your life.It’s a basic example for this type of jokes.If you still are on the fence about this type of comedy then you must be a real sharp one!!Chandler Bing is the King of this type of comedy because he can really execute them in perfection with his own style.He would have a lot of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to jokes and a tone for his comedic act but his best in the show is sarcasm.I for one personally think he could be the only one who could have portrayed his character perfectly and if someone else was hired to his job then it would have been a disaster.

What’s so great about his character?

For any comedian there are mainly two things to be followed than anything.One is their body language and second is their timing and if they nail that any sort of comedy would suit them and to Matthew Perry it was an easy job.Did you know that he would write most of his own jokes and sometimes even for others.That’s his natural talent and really an uncontested one.He was,he is and he will always be the king of comedy.The greatness about his character is that he would be the one to provide a comic relief in the show.Whether it might be a emotional scene or an awkward encounter.You might think it would be the job for Phoebe or Ross but it’s really Chandler who would always ease the tension.In some situations he would have a great combo of jokes with Joey.I promise you that every scene With Chandler would be a laughing riot.

The best moments in the show,

There are two parts for the Chandler Bing’s story arc.In this paragraph we would talk a little bit of the show in detail which would be in a spoiler territory.So if you don’t want to know anything relevant to the story then please skip this para.Alright,he would have two arcs in the show.First the one where he would be single in the first half of the show.Second,where he would start dating Monica.His character would get matured and responsible but his style of jokes would always remain the same.There are lot of best moments for him in the show but to me there are a couple that i would carry to my grave.First is the emotional scene where he would convince a pregnant women in the adoption agency to let the Bing’s adopt her child.It would be a tearful scene and he would have done a great job in executing it.The other one is the scene in which he would run into his ex-girlfriend.His reaction and facial expression would always make you laugh out loud.Whose the ex-girlfriend you ask?She is too important of a character for me to reveal in this article.So you have to check her out on your own but i promise you that whenever she would appear on the show it would be a fun fest filled with lot of amazing jokes.

What are his best catchphrases?

He is the cool one in the show who would always have a zinger one liner and also would possess some amazing catchphrases in the show.From “I’m not so good with the advice.Can i interest you in a sarcastic comment” to “I say more dumb things before 9 a.m then most people say all day”.He also has a great catchphrase “Could that BE anymore..”Which would define his characteristic in the show.There are still lot more to go but i want you to enjoy them on your own and it would be worth your while.

This character is not all about making fun of others and be sarcastic through out his life.He would be a good friend and he would face tough obstacles to be a better boyfriend but he would do it along with his amazing partner and together they would get married to be the best couple in the show business.In the end he would become a father.He would live a complete life.He was my first real inspiration because his character was not just made for a comic relief but also to inspire everyone.Check out the series where i would talk about the greatness of the show as a whole and if you do give this show a chance i want you to look out for this character.You won’t be disappointed.


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