ROSS GELLER-A Prowess Paleontologist

“We were on a break,we were on a break!!!!” is the quote that resonated in my ears and the walls of my house through my teen years. It’s a quote which would give you an insight into his quirky characteristics.How quirky?He would say the above mentioned quote after his break up with the love of his life Rachel and he would continue to use it till the last season at key moments.Just wonder the amount of awkwardness it would bring to the room.That’s when Chandler would make a joke to ease the tension.Ross is my third favorite character in the show.His character was created to be a stereotypical one,as he would be the one who would make sense to all the audience of any age and kudos to the writers because they really pulled it off.


You know a nerd who would aim for the cheerleader but wouldn’t have the guts to ask her out and even when given a chance he would chicken out.Even after getting her it wouldn’t work out but they would eventually be together in the end.The writers of the show used this style in a perfect way to make the show and his character really memorable.If you’re really talented you can make a cliched character or a story arc into a reputed one.That’s what they would achieved with Ross.He was a success because everyone looked up to him and they had a chance to relate themselves to him.Everyone wanted to be Joey,Rachel or Phoebe.Everyone’s best version was portrayed by Chandler and Monica.In reality everyone is Ross regardless of gender or age.That was the outcome that the writers expected and they nailed it.

His best moments,

It really blossoms from his characteristics in the show.A good example would be the way he would say ‘hi’ in a slow depressed way.I personally know a guy who has the same depressed tone but i find it funny then sad(May be i’m cruel)but that topic is for an another day.I really felt sad for Ross when his wife divorced him because she came out of the closet to continuous heart break from the love of his life.The show would have done a great job in making you feel bad for Ross.That was the scenario they wanted to execute and they did because let’s be honest no one’s life is gonna be smooth with the ladies as Joey or strong in their career as Chandler and successful in marriage as Monica.They wanted to show the true reality of life and their means of delivering it was through Ross.Don’t feel bad for him though as he would settle with the women of his dreams.It would have been a bumpy ride but he would have reached it in the end.

“You ate my sandwich,my sandwich!!!!” I guess his sister rubbed her characteristics on him as he would get mad over losing a sandwich to his boss.In his defense he would be in a bad place at that time after his second divorce.Yes you heard me right his second divorce.He would be divorced for a total of three times and because of his anger spell he would be pushed to change his career.I know all you want to do is hug him.That’s a good thing because he was the one who pulled me through several depressing moments in my life,I related my life with him and all off a sudden i had someone just like me,That’s something only one other show has pulled off.

The optimistic points from the character,

Even for a realist like me,Ross made me believe in life and that’s because of his progression in the show.He would have a rough path in life but that wouldn’t deter him not even slightly.He would concentrate on his career if his love life is going to shambles and the other way around.He is also a father who would raise his son in a great way by setting a good example.He would also have a daughter with the love of his life but during a time when they wouldn’t love each other.This situation is really awkward but he would push through that and he would help her have a kid.He would also care for his friends more then the others because as we know the damaged ones are always the nicest.A great example would be the scene where he would buy Phoebe a bicycle which she wouldn’t have gotten in her childhood.He would give her the best present to move us all into a little bit of tears like Chandler did in that scene.That’s just a single scenario,through out the ten seasons he would have helped all the characters in their lives a multiple times even if he is hurting.That’s the kind of character you must aim to be in real life.

His famous quotes,

From “Unagi,Unagi!!” a style of fighting he would try to teach the girls but would fail immensely to annoying ones like “PIVOT,PIVOT!!!!!” are just some of the amazing quotes from Ross.

His transformation in the show is the most accurate one in the history of show business.You know from a nerdy Paleontologist,a divorcee to a great father and an amazing boyfriend.When he would change his career to become a professor he would sleep with one of his students,may be not a great professor in the show but as Ross he would teach us the ways of life.

I would rank Ross has one of the top most characters ever created and if you don’t take my word for it then check out the show for yourself.Then you would know what i’m talking about.When you watch the show just look out for him because he would really teach you a lot in the show.You would have a roller coaster of emotions following his character but that’s a good thing.He would never ever disappoint you through out the ten seasons.


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