GOTHAM-A Devout Detective

When the times are dark and the streets are rough,a young man would decide to take on justice by wearing a bat suit and beat the criminals unconscious to protect his city.Before he arrived the city was protected by one guy.Even with corruption running through the police academy he was the good egg among the […]

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DAREDEVIL-The Deleterious Devil

The show created the myth of people gaining incredible senses when they lose one of their senses and you might have heard people spreading this rumor that when you go blind or deaf you would become a superhero.That notion is absolutely outrageous.They are just blabbering something that they might have heard once in a fake […]

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ARROW-The Prolific Marksmen

The magnifque marksmen whose shot never misses the target regardless of what or whom it is as he is hailed to be the greatest of the modern times.He has not missed a sot ,not even once.His talents are not because of mutations or serums created just for him or it’s not destiny that made him […]

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